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KM 8659KM 8659 CID SPICE for Life Auditory Learning Curriculum
Grade Lvl: T Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2012

Central Institute for the Deaf curriculum is a supplement to CID SPICE: Speech Perception Instructional Curriculum and Evaluation designed to meet the needs of students who haven't yet developed enough vocabulary to work on the original SPICE -- or who have already mastered the speech perception skills in that curriculum. Skills targeted are appropriate for all ages. The suggested activities are designed for ages 5 through 12. Program provides practice listening for a variety of purposes and in real everyday life environments. Organized into 8 general skill sets described in eight chapters: Improving Auditory Memory; Listening to Music; Listening in Noisy Settings; Identifying Environmental Sounds; Listening During Conversation; Localizing Sounds; Listening to Voices Supraegmental Awareness; Listening with Technology. Contents: Resources Booklet, Instruction Manual,3 Listening Scene Posters, 1 Mulit-purpose Game Board,6 game pawns,1 game spinner, 1 bag of game tokens, CD-Rom - Sounds, CD-Rom - Resources, Box of 200 3x5 picture cards. Consumables: Rating Forms. Use is restricted to Keystone AEA staff.
CID SPICE for Life Auditory Learning Curriculum T  
KM 9560KM 9560 Equals Mathematics (4 Parts)
Grade Lvl: T Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2011

Equals is real math instruction for students with disabilities. Equals math is the only robust math curriculum for special education students with proven successful outcomes. Explicit instruction with assistive technology. This curriculum provides: •Multi-sensory approach to mathematical learning •Scope and sequence with foundational skills aligned to standards, K-12 •Progression of learning with connected content for continuity of learning •Problem solving focus •Adaptations to think, choose, move, talk, write, and much more •Fidelity success training with continuous teacher support •Vocabulary instruction •Formative, informal, and formal assessments This math curriculum kit is for preview only. There are many manipulative pieces and parts to this kit. Some parts may be missing or no longer available.
Equals Mathematics (4 Parts) T  
KM 12827KM 12827 Goals to Grow the ABA Way
Grade Lvl: T Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2006

Visual resource for behavioral and speech therapists, teachers and parents. An early intervention education program for children on the autism spectrum. Contains workbook, 3 DVDs(Bridges for Children with Autism) and a CD-ROM.
Goals to Grow the ABA Way T  
B 96993B 96993 Hands-On Activities for Exceptional Students: Educational and Pre-Vocational Activities for Students with Cognitive Delays
Grade Lvl: T Author: Thorne, Beverly
Length: 106 Copyright: 2001

Presents creative ideas for practical activities will help pre-vocational students sustain attention, stay on task, and work independently and productively while meeting their IEP goals.
Hands-On Activities for Exceptional Students: Educational and Pre-Vocationa T  
KM 12850KM 12850 Living On Your Own Lesson Plans
Grade Lvl: T Author: Bastian, Don / Kinney, Tom
Length: 76 Copyright: 2015

Lesson Plans provide topic narratives, student objectives, teacher scripts, plus a PDF CD that includes the Survival Guide, Reader, and Activity Assessment Forms. Living on Your Own teaches a wide range of housekeeping activities and related interpersonal skills. Activities include the basics like setting the table and mopping the floor, outdoor maintenance, and living with roommates.
Living On Your Own Lesson Plans T  
B 97034B 97034 Pyramid Approach to Education Lesson Plans for Young Children
Grade Lvl: T Author: Bondy, Andy / Dickey, Kate
Length: 127 Copyright: 2002

This manual is the perfect resource for any individual who instructs learners. It contains close to 100 ready-to-use lesson plans to teach learners skills in the following life areas: school-based, communication, self-help, social, domestic, recreation/leisure, and community-based skills. This manual also assist teachers in writing additional lesson plans within the Pyramid Approach to Education framework by providing detailed explanations and examples. Each lesson was developed by teachers and specialist experienced in teaching learners with special needs.
Pyramid Approach to Education Lesson Plans for Young Children T