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Item Nr: KM 12619 Title: Sharing Information About Your Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders: What Do Respite or Alternative Caregivers Need to Know?
Grade Lvl: T Author: Vicker, Beverly
Length: 228 Prod/Pub: Autism Asperger Publishing
Copyright: 2007 Series:
Book Type: N Biographee:
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  This resource, written by an expert with decades of experience working with families, eases some of the apprehensions associated with leaving a child with a caretaker, through checklists, forms and other tools designed to effectively communicate about such areas as a child's behavior, daily living patterns and food rituals. The CD that accompanies the book allows families to quickly adapt a given form to suit their child's needs.

  1902 - ARL
  1332 - AUTISM/ASD