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Item Nr: KM 12378 Title: Groovin' On Mount Everest (Music CD)
Grade Lvl: PIJS Author: Savage, Matt
Length: 0 Prod/Pub: Savage Records
Copyright: 2002 Series:
Book Type: Biographee:
Copies: 1 Loan Period: 10 days
  Groovin’ On Mount Everest is The Matt Savage Trio’s first studio recording. It contains over an hour of original compositions by 9-year-old pianist/leader Matt Savage, along with two standards by jazz greats Duke Ellington (‘Satin Doll’) and Harburg/Arlen (‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’). The two adult members of the trio are John Funkhouser (bass) and Steve Silverstein (drummer). At the age of three, Matt was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a high-functioning type of autism. Selections: Groovin' On Mount Everest; Forty-Seven; Somewhere Over the Rainbow; Anybody Home?; A Cat's Tenth Life; This is Your Conscience; Satin Doll; Bossy Nova; Shufflin' The Cards.

  1902 - ARL
  1332 - AUTISM/ASD
  772 - MUSIC
  649 - MUSIC, JAZZ