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Item Nr: B 96169 Title: Autism Life Skills: From Communication and Safety to Self-Esteem and More - 10 Essential AbilitiesEvery Child Needs and Deserves to Learn
Grade Lvl: T Author: Sicile-Kira, Chantal
Length: 198 Prod/Pub: Perigee
Copyright: 2008 Series:
Book Type: N Biographee:
Copies: 1 Loan Period: 14 days
  Provides advice and information on ten life skills which are important for people on the autism spectrum, covering making sense of the world, communication, safety, self-esteem, pursuing interests, self-regulation, independence, social relationships, self-advocacy, and earning a living, and including related personal anecdotes.

  1902 - ARL
  1332 - AUTISM/ASD
  1500 - LIFE SKILLS