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KM 12731KM 12731 21st Century Life Skills Handbooks
Grade Lvl: S Author:
Length: 120 Copyright: 2012

Kit includes 10 practical handbooks for teaching life skills to a twenty-first century population. The 120-page handbooks in this series provide readers an introduction to the multi-dimensional competencies, concepts, and vocabulary they need to achieve independences-- including community resources, job searching, money management, job etiquette, health, moving and more. Titles include: Getting Ahead at Work (Lexile 770); Moving Out on Your Own (Lexile 750); Health and Safety (Lexile 830); Consumer Spending (Lexile 780); Everyday Household Tasks (Lexile 820); Transportation and Travel (Lexile 880); Community Resources (Lexile 880); Job Search (Lexile 800); Car and Driver (Lexile 920) Managing Money (Lexile 830). Title III. IL 9-12.
21st Century Life Skills Handbooks S  
B 113015B 113015 Absolutely, Positively Not
Grade Lvl: JS Author: LaRochelle, David
Length: 219 Copyright: 2009

Chronicles a teenage boy's humorous attempts to fit in at his Minnesota high school by becoming a macho, girl-loving, "Playboy" pinup-displaying heterosexual. Coming out (sexual orientation). Fiction. Conformity-Fiction. Homosexuality-Fiction. AR 4.8. RC 4.0. Lexile 730. IL 7-10.
Absolutely, Positively Not JS  
B 96865B 96865 Activities for Teaching Positive Psychology: A Guide for Instructors
Grade Lvl: T Author: Froh, Jeffrey J
Length: 173 Copyright: 2013

Provides classroom activities and lesson plans for teaching psychology to students at the graduate, undergraduate, and high school levels. Presents a comprehensive set of classroom activities devised by contributors who are experienced teachers as well as leading scholars in their areas. Chapters cover all the topics typically included in existing positive psychology textbooks, emphasizing hands-on experience. The activities are classified into three groups, each of which is appropriate for use at different times in a class. 1.Conceptual explorations. 2.Experiments. 3.Personal experience/self-reflections. Includes reading lists. Jeffrey J. Froh & Acacia C. Parks, editors.
Activities for Teaching Positive Psychology: A Guide for Instructors T  
KM 12758KM 12758 All American Boys (15 copies)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Reynolds, Jason
Length: 316 Copyright: 2015

In this Coretta Scott King Honor Award–winning novel, two teens—one black, one white—grapple with the repercussions of a single violent act that leaves their school, their community, and, ultimately, the country bitterly divided by racial tension. Young Adult. IL 9-12. AR 4.9. RC 6.7 Lexile 770. Set of 15 books.
All American Boys (15 copies) JS  
KM 930KM 930 American Revolution-Jackdaw (BB)
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 1970

The hands-on history in this Jackdaw takes your students from the Boston Tea Party to Bunker Hill and the struggle to field and fund our army. Hands-on documents include a handbill persuading British soldiers to desert, a proclamation by King George III ordering his subjects to fast, 1 1783 issue of the South Carolina Gazette, early American "home-made" money, and a fund raising lottery ticket. Historian: David Johnson.
American Revolution-Jackdaw (BB) JS  
B 117343B 117343 And We Stay
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Hubbard, Jenny
Length: 224 Copyright: 2014

Sent to an Amherst, Massachusetts, boarding school after her ex-boyfriend shoots himself, seventeen-year-old Emily expresses herself through poetry as she relives their relationship, copes with her guilt, and begins to heal. Boarding schools Fiction. Novels in Verse. Michael L. Printz Award Honors - 2015. IL 9-12.
And We Stay JS  
B 109148B 109148 Antsy Does Time
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Shusterman, Neal
Length: 247 Copyright: 2008

Fourteen year old Anthony "Antsy" Bonano learns about life, death, and a lot more when he tries to help a friend with a terminal illness feel hopeful about the future. AR 5.8. Lexile 5.8.
Antsy Does Time IJS  
B 95325B 95325 Apps For Learning: 40 Best iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone Apps for High School Classrooms
Grade Lvl: T Author: Dickens, Harry / Churches, Andrew
Length: 200 Copyright: 2012

Provides detailed descriptions of forty apps that can be used in high school classrooms. Covers mobility apps for utilities, general classroom applications, and specialty apps designed to be unique learning tools that students can utilize both in class and on the go. Application software. From the 21st Century Fluency Series.
Apps For Learning: 40 Best iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone Apps for High School Cl T  
B 122104B 122104 Archie: Volume One: The New Riverdale
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Waid, Mark
Length: 176 Copyright: 2016

Meet Riverdale High teen Archie, his oddball, food-loving best friend Jughead, girl-next-door Betty and well-to-do snob Veronica Lodge as they embark on a modern reimagining of the beloved Archie world. Archie, one of the longest-running titles in comic book history, is rebooted in this full-colour collection. Collects: Archie Issues #1-6. Following Issue 6, a section tells how the Archie Comics are made. Looks at the artistic process behind the relaunch of ARCHIE (script, thumbnails, pencils & inks, letters, and colors). Bonus content also includes the first issue of the new JUGHEAD series. Lexile 300 IL 7-12.
Archie: Volume One: The New Riverdale JS  
B 108953B 108953 Artichoke's Heart
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Supplee, Suzanne
Length: 276 Copyright: 2008

When she is almost sixteen years old, Rosemary decides she is sick of being overweight, mocked at school and at Heavenly Hair--her mother's beauty salon--and feeling out of control. As she slowly loses weight, Rosemary realizes that she is able to cope with her mother's cancer, having a boyfriend for the first time, and discovering that other people's lives are not as perfect as they seem from the outside. AR 5.1. RC 4.7. Lexile 780.
Artichoke's Heart JS  
B 119683B 119683 Asperger's Rules!: How to Make Sense of School and Friends
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Grossberg, Blythe
Length: 127 Copyright: 2012

A guide to school for children with Asperger's, explaining the confusing rules of the classroom, how to interact with other kids, and maintain healthy habits. Manual-workbook offers insights to readers with mild spectrum disorders on the general “unwritten rules” for dealing with teachers and classmates in school. Has a mix of common scenarios, dialogue trees, bulleted lists, multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank self-tests, and brief analytical comments. IL 6-10.
Asperger's Rules!: How to Make Sense of School and Friends IJS  
B 96359B 96359 Asperger's Teens: Understanding High School for Students on the Autism Spectrum
Grade Lvl: JST Author: Grossberg, Blythe
Length: 156 Copyright: 2015

Provides high school students with Asperger's strategies that they can use to help themselves feel more comfortable in school, find friends and get along with peers, work productively with their teachers, and move toward greater independence. For students in grades 9-12.
Asperger's Teens: Understanding High School for Students on the Autism Spec JST  
B 96307B 96307 Aspie Teen's Survival Guide: Candid Advice for Teens, Tweens, and Parents, from a Young Man with Asperger's Syndrome
Grade Lvl: JST Author: Kraus, J. D.
Length: 214 Copyright: 2010

The author, a young man with Asperger's syndrome, offers advice to teens who have been diagnosed with Asperger's on how to negotiate the academic and social challenges of middle and high school. Some topics are organization, transitioning, sensitive senses, awkwardness, stress, driving a car, bullying, socializing, dating, obsessions & creativity. IL 7-T.
Aspie Teen's Survival Guide: Candid Advice for Teens, Tweens, and Parents, JST  
B 90376B 90376 Authentic Instruction and Assessment
Grade Lvl: T Author: Newmann, Fred
Length: 93 Copyright: 2007

Subtitle: Common Standards for Rigor and Relevance in Teaching Academic Subjects by Fred M. Newmann, M. Bruce King, and Dana L. Carmichael. The authors advocate putting increased effort into teaching in ways that help students perform authentic intellectual work so that they are more engaged in schoolwork and will be better able to handle intellectual challenges in the future. Summarizes key studies, presents standards and rubrics for three criteria (construction of knowledge, through disciplined inquiry, to produce discourse, products, and performance that have value beyond school), and suggests specific activities for teachers and administrators to support implementation.
Authentic Instruction and Assessment T  
B 124420B 124420 Backfield Boys
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Feinstein, John
Length: 353 Copyright: 2017

Freshman footballers Jason Roddin and Tom Jefferson are a perfect pair: Jason is a blazing-fast wide-receiver, while his best friend Tom has all the skills a standout quarterback needs. After summer football camp at an elite sports-focused boarding school, the boys are thrilled to be invited back with full-ride scholarships. But on day one of practice, they're shocked when the team's coaching staff makes Tom, a black kid, a receiver and Jason, a white kid, a quarterback. Confronted with mounting evidence of deep-seated racial bias, the boys speak out, risking their scholarships and chances to play. As tensions ratchet up with coaches and other players, Tom and Jason must decide how much they're willing to lose in a conflict with powerful forces that has nothing--and everything--to do with the game they love. YA. Realistic fiction. School stories. IL 7-12. AR 5.6. RC 5.5. Lexile 840. Iowa Teen Award, 2019-2020.
Backfield Boys IJS  
B 120551B 120551 Backlash
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Littman, Sarah
Length: 325 Copyright: 2015

When Christian, a boy she knows only through Facebook, posts a lot of nasty comments on her page, fifteen-year-old Lara tries to kill herself--but that is only the beginning of the backlash for her sister, Sydney; her former friend Bree; and her classmates. Cyberbullying- Fiction. Social Media. Multiple (Point of View). AR 4.8 RC 4.7 Lexile 770 IL 7-11.
Backlash JS  
B 115493B 115493 Bad Taste In Boys
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Harris, Carrie
Length: 201 Copyright: 2012

Future physician Kate Grable is horrified when her high school's football coach gives team members steroids, but the drugs turn players into zombies and Kate must find an antidote before the flesh-eating monsters get to her or her friends. Zombie humor. Zombies Fiction. Football Fiction. Steroids Fiction. Horror stories. AR 4.9 IL 7-10.
Bad Taste In Boys JS  
B 108988B 108988 Bad Tickets
Grade Lvl: JS Author: O'Dell, Kathleen
Length: 231 Copyright: 2008

Rebelling against her strict Catholic upbringing in 1967, teenager Mary Elizabeth sorts through her feelings about her parents and friends, and about sex, while making some decisions about the type life she wants for herself. AR 3.6. Publisher RL 6.5.
Bad Tickets JS  
B 123387B 123387 Baltimore (Hoop City)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Moussavi, Sam
Length: 200 Copyright: 2016

Marcus is the latest star at an athletically prestigious Baltimore high school. In the fall, he starts at running back on the varsity football team and in the winter, he starts at shooting guard for the varsity basketball team. He has his pick of a Division I scholarship in either of the two sports. But when Marcus gets in a bad fight with a white player at a preseason basketball tournament, racial tensions start to run high. Will Marcus be consumed by his anger? Baltimore is a book from Hoop City, an EPIC Press six set series. Hoop City Series. Realistic fiction. IL 8-12. Lexile 600.
Baltimore (Hoop City) JS  
B 108984B 108984 Beanball
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Fehler, Gene
Length: 119 Copyright: 2008

Relates, from diverse points of view, events surrounding the critical injury of popular and talented high school athlete, Luke "Wizard" Wallace, when he is hit in the face by a fastball. AR 4.4.
Beanball JS  
B 115414B 115414 Beautiful Creatures
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Garcia, Kami / Stohl, Margaret
Length: 563 Copyright: 2009

In a small South Carolina town, where it seems little has changed since the Civil War, sixteen-year-old Ethan is powerfully drawn to Lena, a new classmate with whom he shares a psychic connection and whose family hides a dark secret that may be revealed on her sixteenth birthday. Psychic ability Fiction. Love Fiction. Recluses Fiction. Gothic romance. AR 4.5 RC 5.2 Lexile 670 GR level Z IL 7-12.
Beautiful Creatures JS  
B 116748B 116748 Beginning of Everything
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Schneider, Robyn
Length: 335 Copyright: 2013

Star athelete and prom king Ezra Faulkner's life is irreparably transformed by a tragic accident and the arrival of eccentric new girl Cassidy Thorpe. People with disabilities Fiction. Family life California Fiction. IL 8-12.
Beginning of Everything JS  
B 123491B 123491 Best Possible Answer
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Kottaras, E. Katherine
Length: 263 Copyright: 2016

Ultra-high-achiever Viviana Rabinovich-Lowe learns something they never covered in her AP courses: that it's okay to be less than perfect, because it's our imperfections that make us who we are. Realistic fiction. IL 8-12.
Best Possible Answer JS  
B 114399B 114399 Between the Lines: A Novel
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Picoult, Jodi / van Leer, Samantha
Length: 352 Copyright: 2012

Told in their separate voices, sixteen year old Prince Oliver, who wants to break free of his fairy-tale existence, and fifteen year old Delilah, a loner obsessed with Prince Oliver and the book in which he exists, work together to seek his freedom. AR 4.9. RC 4.7. Lexile 770. IL 7-10.
Between the Lines: A Novel JS  
B 115494B 115494 Big Crunch
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Hautman, Pete
Length: 280 Copyright: 2011

Jen and Wes, hanging around in the same circles, eventually decide they might like to be a couple, and even then are not sure if a relationship is what they want. Family life Fiction. Moving, Household Fiction. Dating (Social customs) Fiction. AR 4.5 RC 5.4 Lexile 720 IL 8-12.
Big Crunch JS  
B 109268B 109268 Big Fat Manifesto
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Vaught, Susan
Length: 308 Copyright: 2008

Overweight, self-assured high school senior Jamie Carcaterra writes in the school newspaper about her own attitude to being fat, her boyfriend's bariatric surgery, and her struggle to be taken seriously in a very thin world. AR 5.0. RC 4.8. Lexile 800.
Big Fat Manifesto JS  
B 115498B 115498 Black Boy White School
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Walker, Brian F
Length: 246 Copyright: 2012

When fourteen-year-old Anthony "Ant" Jones from the ghetto of East Cleveland, Ohio, gets a scholarship to a prep school in Maine, he finds that he must change his image and adapt to a world that never fully accepts him, but when he goes home he discovers that he no longer truly belongs there either. Identity Fiction. Race relations Fiction. Preparatory schools Fiction. AR 4.4 IL 9-12.
Black Boy White School JS  
B 112834B 112834 Blank Confession
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Hautman, Pete
Length: 170 Copyright: 2010

A new and enigmatic student named Shayne appears at high school one day, befriends the smallest boy in the school, and takes on a notorious drug dealer before turning himself in to the police for killing someone. Suspense. AR 4.4. RC 5.3. Lexile 700. IL 8-12.
Blank Confession JS  
B 106855B 106855 Blind Sighted
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Moore, Peter
Length: 262 Copyright: 2004

Kirk, a creative misfit who is in trouble at high school because he is bored with his classes, learns to deal with his alcoholic mother, new friends, and life with the help of a blind young woman who hires him to read to her. AR 3.7. RC 6.1. Lexile 540.
Blind Sighted JS  
B 123236B 123236 Bone Gap
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Ruby, Laura
Length: 345 Copyright: 2015

Eighteen-year-old Finn, an outsider in his quiet Midwestern town, is the only witness to the abduction of town favorite Roza, but his inability to distinguish between faces makes it difficult for him to help with the investigation, and subjects him to even more ridicule and bullying. IL 8-12. AR 4.9. RC 6.3. Lexile 810.
Bone Gap JS  
KM 8050KM 8050 Boxed Books: Career High Chronicles
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2004

Ten books from the High/Low series from Saddleback Publishing: Back-Up Quarterback; The Best Week Ever; Boys of Their Dreams; Don't Blame Me; The Easy Way; The Fastest Runner; It Is Not a Date; One Date Too Many; The Right Kind of Win; and Too Late. Four-week loan period.
Boxed Books: Career High Chronicles JS  
B 116766B 116766 Boy Nobody
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Zadoff, Allen
Length: 337 Copyright: 2013

Sixteen-year-old Boy Nobody, an assassin controlled by a shadowy government organization, The Program, considers sabotaging his latest mission because his target reminds him of the normal life he craves. Assassins - Fiction. Thriller. IL 9-12.
Boy Nobody JS  
B 121168B 121168 Bridge
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Jones, Patrick
Length: 92 Copyright: 2014

Eighteen-year-old Jose serves as the bridge between his non-English speaking family and the rest of the world, and because his parents are illegal immigrants and extended family lives with them, money is tight so Jose works nights and arrives at school so tired that teachers at his alternative high school step in to help. Illegal aliens- Fiction. Text mainly in English with some Spanish. From the series Alternative. AR 5.1 RC 5.3 Lexile 800 IL 6-10.
Bridge IJS  
KM 10844KM 10844 Bully
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Langan, Paul
Length: 0 Copyright: 2002

Ninth grader Darrell Mercer and his mother move to the Bluford area in the middle of the school year where, Darrell quickly becomes a target for Tyray Hobbs, the freshman class bully. Contents: six copies of the book (190 pages) by Paul Langan. AR 4.7. From the series Bluford High.
Bully IJS  
B 110461B 110461 Bully
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Langan, Paul
Length: 190 Copyright: 2002

Ninth-grader Darrell Mercer and his mother move to the Bluford area in the middle of the school year where, Darrell quickly becomes a target for Tyray Hobbs, the freshman class bully. From the Series: Bluford High. AR 4.7. RC 5.2. Lexile 700.
Bully IJS  
B 93332B 93332 Bully, the Bullied and Beyond: Help for Bullies, Victims and Bystanders, Grades 5-12
Grade Lvl: T Author: Williams, Esther
Length: 260 Copyright: 2007

Provide a comprehensive set of lessons that will help eliminiate bullying in school. Includes school-wide and classroom strategies, separate lessons for bystanders, bullies and the bullied, skills for students with special needs, school bullying survey, strategies for teachers, approaches to share with parents, and more.
Bully, the Bullied and Beyond: Help for Bullies, Victims and Bystanders, Gr T  
B 118135B 118135 Buzz Kill
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Fantaskey, Beth
Length: 362 Copyright: 2014

Seventeen-year-old Millie joins forces with her classmate, gorgeous but mysterious Chase Colton, to try to uncover who murdered head football coach "Hollerin' Hank" Killdare--and why. Murder- Fiction. AR 6.0 Lexile 920 IL 7-11.
Buzz Kill JS  
KM 12973KM 12973 Calm Classroom: High School
Grade Lvl: JST Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2017

The Calm Classroom High School manual includes 25 scripted mindfulness-based techniques that are easy to learn and teach. Audio recordings* of the techniques are provided to support teachers in learning how to lead the techniques and for use in the classroom. The curriculum includes breathing, stretching, focusing and relaxation techniques designed to meet the developmental needs of students in high school classrooms. The manual also includes guidance around creating an effective implementation schedule, introducing the program, and engaging students with leadership opportunities. *Audio recording download link is printed on the copyright page of the manual. 7 Breathing Techniques 11 Focusing Techniques 
3 Relaxation Techniques 4 Stretching Techniques
Calm Classroom: High School JST  
B 122110B 122110 Calvin
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Leavitt, Martine
Length: 181 Copyright: 2015

Born on the day the last Calvin and Hobbes comic strip was published, seventeen-year-old Calvin, a schizophrenic, sees and has conversations with the tiger, Hobbes, and believes that if he can persuade the strip's creator, Bill Watterson, to do one more strip, he will make Calvin well. Schizophrenia- Fiction. Mental illness- Fiction. AR 4.5 RC 5.2 Lexile 680 IL 8-12.
Calvin JS  
B 124426B 124426 Camp Valor
Grade Lvl: JS Author: McEwen, Scott
Length: 323 Copyright: 2018

Fourteen-year-old Wyatt avoids a prison sentence by agreeing to spend three months in a secret government training camp for teenage agents, but when enemies try to root out Camp Valor's secrets, Wyatt and his friends have to put their training into practice to protect their country. Thriller. Action and adventure. Military education fiction. Spy. IL 8-12.
Camp Valor JS  
KM 13074KM 13074 Careers in Demand for High School Graduates (10 Books)
Grade Lvl: IJS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2019

Careers in Demand: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources; Armed Forces; Computers, Communications & the Arts; Construction & Trades; Fitness, Personal Care Services & Education; Health Care & Science; Hospitality & Human Services; Public Safety & Law; Sales, Marketing & Finance; Transportation & Manufacturing. Set of 10 books. Series nonfiction: Careers in Demand for High School Graduates. IL 7-12.
Careers in Demand for High School Graduates (10 Books) IJS  
B 114659B 114659 Cat Girl's Day Off
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Pauley, Kimberly
Length: 334 Copyright: 2012

High schooler Natalie Ng has always kept secret her talent for talking with cats, but when she learns--from a cat--that a celebrity has been replace by an imposter, she and her friends investigate, becoming movie extras to get the scoop. AR 4.4. RC 4.1. Lexile 660. IL 6-10.
Cat Girl's Day Off IJS  
B 109277B 109277 Catwalk
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Gregory, Deborah
Length: 290 Copyright: 2008

In Manhattan, fifteen year old Pashmina forms her team for Fashion International High School's annual competition to design, produce, and show a fully original clothing line in hopes of winning a real chance at a career in fashion. AR 6.3.
Catwalk JS  
B 115495B 115495 Certain October
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Johnson, Angela
Length: 158 Copyright: 2012

After a terrible accident, Scotty feels responsible for the death of someone she hardly knew and struggles with her own reality while her friends and family deal with their own troubles, but the prospect of a boy and a dance add positive possibility back into Scotty's life. AR 5.6 RC 5.5 Lexile 870 IL 8-12.
Certain October JS  
B 109262B 109262 Chat Room
Grade Lvl: J Author: Butcher, Kristin
Length: 102 Copyright: 2006

Linda, too shy to meet people at school, develops an anonymous online persona that gains quite a reputation, but things get out of hand when she begins receiving gifts from a secret admirer. Mistaken identity. Online chat groups. From the series Orca Currents. AR 4.2. Follett RL 3.0. RC 3.5. Lexile 650.
Chat Room J  
B 123388B 123388 Chicago (Hoop City)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Moussavi, Sam
Length: 198 Copyright: 2016

Serge, a recruit from Sudan, arrives in Chicago to play high school basketball, and has a difficult time fitting in with his teammates, experiences culture shock, and can not let go of thoughts of his father and older brother being killed by rebels back in Sudan. Will he be able to put the past behind him and make a life in America? Hoop City Series. Realistic fiction. IL 8-12. Lexile 700.
Chicago (Hoop City) JS  
B 109869B 109869 Chicken Feathers
Grade Lvl: PI Author: Cowley, Joy
Length: 149 Copyright: 2008

Relates the story of the summer Josh spends while his mother is in the hospital awaiting the birth of his baby sister, and his pet chicken Semolina, who talks but only to him, is almost killed by a fox. AR 4.1. RC 4.3. Lexile 700. IL 3-5.
Chicken Feathers PI  
B 107061B 107061 Chill
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Frizzell, Colin
Length: 98 Copyright: 2006

An artistically talented young man with a physical disability decides to fight for what he believes when a spirit-crushing new teacher arrives at his school. From the series Orca Soundings. AR 4.9. Follett RL 4.6. Lexile 820.
Chill JS  
B 109530B 109530 Claws
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Weaver, Will
Length: 232 Copyright: 2004

Jed and Laura, two popular Minnesota high school students, find their seemingly perfect lives suddenly in chaos when they discover that each has a parent who is having an affair with the other. Family problems. Adultery. AR 4.2. RC 5.1. Lexile 540.
Claws JS  
B 116101B 116101 Colin Fischer
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Miller, Ashley Edward / Stentz, Zack
Length: 229 Copyright: 2012

A boy with Asperger’s syndrome teams up with the high school bully to get to the bottom of a cafeteria crime. AR 6.3 RC 5.6 Lexile 870 IL 5-10.
Colin Fischer IJS  
B 95233B 95233 College, Careers, Citizenship, April 2012
Grade Lvl: T Author:
Length: 96 Copyright: 2012

Education Leadership, April 2012 (Volume 69, Number 7) Articles in this issue describe how high schools are helping students set and achieve high college, career, and citizenship goals. Some authors call for rebuilding civics education. Emphasizes the need for schools to be accountable for more than student proficiency and graduation. Shares ideas for how best to prepare students for success after high school-- career & college readiness.
College, Careers, Citizenship, April 2012 T  
B 96282B 96282 Common Core Companion: The Standards Decoded, Grades 9-12: What They Say, What They Mean, How to Teach Them
Grade Lvl: T Author: Burke, Jim
Length: 264 Copyright: 2013

A guide for teachers of grades nine through twelve to using the Common Core standards in day-to-day practice in English language arts, history and social studies, science, and technical subjects. Positions the grades 9-10 standards alongside 11-12. Provides different content-area versions of each standard; Explanations of each standard, with student prompts; content to cover, lesson ideas, and instructional techniques; glossary and adaptations for ELL students.
Common Core Companion: The Standards Decoded, Grades 9-12: What They Say, W T  
B 117537B 117537 Counting by 7s
Grade Lvl: IJ Author: Sloan, Holly Goldberg
Length: 380 Copyright: 2013

Twelve-year-old genius and outsider Willow Chance must figure out how to connect with other people and find a surrogate family for herself after her parents are killed in a car accident. Eccentrics and eccentricities- Fiction. AR 5.6 RC 4.7 Lexile 770 IL 6-9.
Counting by 7s IJ  
B 115411B 115411 Crazy
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Nolan, Han
Length: 348 Copyright: 2010

Fifteen-year-old loner Jason struggles to hide his father's declining mental condition after his mother's death, but when his father disappears he must confide in the other members of a therapy group he has been forced to join at school. Family problems Fiction. Fathers and sons Fiction. Mental illness Fiction. Missing persons Fiction. AR 4.2 RC 3.8 Lexile 660 IL 7-11.
Crazy JS  
B 117180B 117180 Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Sonnenblick, Jordan
Length: 285 Copyright: 2012

After an injury ends former star pitcher Peter Friedman's athletic dreams, he concentrates on photography which leads him to a girlfriend, new fame as a high school sports photographer, and a deeper relationship with the beloved grandfather who, when he realizes he is becoming senile, gives Pete all of his professional camera gear. Alzheimer's disease Fiction. AR 5.1 RC 5.3 Lexile 800 IL 7-10.
Curveball: The Year I Lost My Grip JS  
KM 12978KM 12978 Cutting Edge STEM Careers Book Set (8 Books)
Grade Lvl: IJS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2017

This nonfiction book series uncovers the exciting and sometime surprising careers that STEM fields can open doors to in the 21st century. Readers will learn how the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math can lead to thrilling and meaningful careers, such as developing new ways to feed and power the world, fighting cyber-crime, and even designing replacement body parts. The required educational route to qualify for each career, as well as practical, real-world job scenarios, are also examined in this series designed to inspire the minds that will one day shape the world. Two copies of each title included. Titles included: Dream Jobs in Science - Lexile 1080. Dream Jobs in Technology - Lexile 1070. Dream Jobs in Engineering - Lexile 1110. Dream Jobs in Math - AR 7.0. RC 10.3. Lexile 1070.
Cutting Edge STEM Careers Book Set (8 Books) IJS  
B 123400B 123400 Dangers of Methamphetamine
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Marcovitz, Hal
Length: 80 Copyright: 2017

Evolving from a legal drug prescribed to treat depression, methamphetamine has grown into a home-cooked, highly toxic and extremely addictive drug that has infiltrated all corners of society. The Dangers of Methamphetamine will examine the scope of the problem; impact of the drug on the brain and body; addictive qualities of the substance; the challenges of rehabilitation; and the efforts underway to stem the availability of the drug. Drug Dangers Series. Nonfiction. IL 7-12.
Dangers of Methamphetamine JS  
B 109548B 109548 Deadline
Grade Lvl: S Author: Crutcher, Chris
Length: 316 Copyright: 2007

Given the medical diagnosis of one year to live, high school senior Ben Wolf decides to fulfill his greatest fantasies, ponders his life's purpose and legacy, and has dream conversations with a spiritual guide known as "Hey-Soos." Terminally ill. AR 5.1. RC 5.6. Lexile 880.
Deadline S  
B 123392B 123392 Detroit (Hoop City)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Moussavi, Sam
Length: 198 Copyright: 2016

Isaiah is a hot-shot freshman, talented and hard-working enough to be on the varsity basketball team at one of the top private high schools in Detroit. The problem is, his family is breaking apart and he is losing street-cred with his new suburban address. Will Isaiah be able to rise above the taunts from teammates and opponents-real or imagined? Will he be able to overcome the deconstruction of his family? Hoop City Series. Realistic fiction. IL 8-12. Lexile 630.
Detroit (Hoop City) JS  
B 124753B 124753 DH (Book 3)
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Feinstein, John
Length: 293 Copyright: 2016

Matt Gordon's sports suspension for taking PEDS has been lifted and he is allowed on the baseball field but ends up embroiled in competition that may be going too far. Series fiction: Triple Threat, book 3. IL 6-10. AR 5.1. RC 4.7. Lexile 770. GR Y.
DH (Book 3) IJS  
B 123401B 123401 Dietary Supplements: Harmless, Helpful, or Hurtful?
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Goldsmith, Connie
Length: 96 Copyright: 2016

An in-depth look at the wide world of dietary supplements--vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, weight-loss products, performance-enhancing products, energy boosters, and more. Provides teens the tools to be smart consumers, urging all readers to consult with a qualified medical professional when considering any supplement. Includes glossary, charts, labeled pictures and more...Nonfiction. IL 7-12. Lexile 1180.
Dietary Supplements: Harmless, Helpful, or Hurtful? IJS  
B 92575B 92575 Differentiated Instruction Using Technology
Grade Lvl: T Author: Benjamin, Amy
Length: 161 Copyright: 2005

Subtitle: A Guide for Middle and High School Teachers. Discusses using technology to save time and to manage instruction to meet the needs of students. Presents an overview of differentiated instruction. Covers: Tiered Tasks; Unit Menus; Constructing Learning Centers and Stations; Differentiated Instruction in Whole-Class Instruction; E-Communications; Using Databases to Make Instructional Decisions; and Models. Also includes a chapter on differentiating traditional tests.
Differentiated Instruction Using Technology T  
B 92909B 92909 Differentiating the High School Classroom: Solution Strategies for 18 Common Obstacles
Grade Lvl: T Author: Nunley, Kathie
Length: 148 Copyright: 2006

Subtitle: Solution Strategies for 18 Common Obstacles. Explains the benefits of differentiating high school classrooms and offers practical solutions to eighteen common problems teachers face in mixed ability high school classrooms.
Differentiating the High School Classroom: Solution Strategies for 18 Commo T  
B 93395B 93395 Differentiation: From Planning to Practice Gr 6-12
Grade Lvl: T Author: Wormeli, Rick
Length: 176 Copyright: 2007

Shows middle and secondary level teachers how to plan a differentiated lesson from start to finish. Offers strategies and reflective advice about reaching a wide range of learners within the same classroom. Presents annotated models of effective differentiated instruction, including tiering, flexible groupings, and adjustments based on formative assessments. Chapter 4 presents cognitive science structures and tips such as priming the brain and structuring information, preventing dehydration, breaking from the routine, and promoting social interaction. The fifth chapter provides twelve samples of differentiated learning experiences from multiple subjects (math, science, art, physical education, etc.).
Differentiation: From Planning to Practice Gr 6-12 T  
KM 12036KM 12036 Discipline in the Secondary Classroom: A Positive Approach to Behavior Management 3rd Ed.
Grade Lvl: T Author: Sprick, Randall / Sprick, Randy
Length: 0 Copyright: 2013

Book offers high school teachers step-by-step guidance for developing a behavior management plan designed to prevent misbehavior and increase student motivation. Includes forms, samples, and evaluation tools to help teachers fine-tune their management plans. Third edition offers classroom management plan based on Randy Sprick's STOIC framework for training teachers: Structure for success, Teach expectations, Observe and monitor, Interact positively, and Correct fluently. Includes DVD-ROM.
Discipline in the Secondary Classroom: A Positive Approach to Behavior Mana T  
B 109423B 109423 Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Lockhart, E.
Length: 345 Copyright: 2008

Frankie Landau-Banks attempts to take over a secret, all-male society at her exclusive prep school, and her antics with the group soon draw some unlikely attention and have unexpected consequences that could change her life forever. Pranks. Feminism. Secret societies. Teenage girls. AR 5.5. RC 5.6. Lexile 890. 2009 Michael L. Pritz Honor book.
Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks JS  
B 119279B 119279 Divided We Fall
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Reedy, Trent
Length: 374 Copyright: 2014

Danny Wright, seventeen, joined the Idaho Army National Guard to serve the country as his father had, but when the Guard is sent to an anti-government protest in Boise and Danny's gun accidently fires, he finds himself at the center of a conflict that results in the federal government declaring war on Idaho. Government, Resistance to- Fiction. First book in the Divided We Fall Trilogy. AR 5.1 RC 5.6 Lexile 760 IL 8-12.
Divided We Fall JS  
B 114854B 114854 Don't Expect Magic
Grade Lvl: JS Author: McCullough, Kathy
Length: 247 Copyright: 2011

Upon her mother's death, fifteen-year-old Delaney Collins must move to California to live with a father she barely knows, and discovers not only that he is a fairy "godmother", but she may be one, as well. Fathers and daughters Fiction. Paranormal comedy/romance. AR 5.0 RC 5.3 Lexile 800 IL 7-12.
Don't Expect Magic JS  
B 123402B 123402 Doping in Sports: Winning at Any Cost?
Grade Lvl: JS Author: McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino
Length: 104 Copyright: 2016

Discusses the uses and consequences of performance enhancing drugs in sports. Nonfiction. IL 7-12. AR 9.1. RC 11.9. Lexile 1280.
Doping in Sports: Winning at Any Cost? JS  
B 124708B 124708 Duel: The Parallel Lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: St. George, Judith
Length: 97 Copyright: 2009

Highlights similar aspects of the lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, and examines how the two war heroes and founding fathers ended up in a duel that cost one of them his life. IA HS Battle of the Books 2018-2019. Starred reviews. IL 6-12. AR 7.5. RC 8.6. Lexile 1040.
Duel: The Parallel Lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr IJS  
KM 924KM 924 Emerging Nation: America 1783-1790-Jackdaw (BB)
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 1998

This Jackdaw gives students an understanding of the diplomacy involved in making the Treaty of Paris and an awareness of the many problems faced by our new nation: the question of slavery, the conflict with Native Americans over land, and continuing violations of the Treaty provisions by both Britain and the U.S. The Treaty of Paris in this Jackdaw is an exact reproduction. Thirteen more hands-on documents — maps, treaties and letters to and from George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others — bring to life this era of Indian wars, Barbary pirates and foreign hostilities. Editor: Mary A. Giunta, compiler: Burt Knauft. Please see professional book: B 96732 for ideas to support teaching and learning with Jackdaw primary sources. IL 8-12. The contents of this Jackdaw feature: Broadsheets Impact of Treaty of 1783 on Slaves in U.S. Whose Land? Treaties with the Indians Barbary Pirates: Threat to U.S. Commerce on the Seas Timeline: 1755-1790 Historical Documents Treaty of Paris, 1783. Mitchell Map I of Emerging Nation, 1783. Mitchell Map II, 1783, redline version. Letter, Gen. Washington to Guy Carleton, 1783. Letter, Guy Carleton to Gen. Washington, 1783. Inspection Roll of Negroes, 1783. Map, Indian nations north of Ohio River, 1780s. Treaty of Fort McIntosh, 1785. Letter, John Adams to John Jay, 1785. Letter, John Jay to Thomas Jefferson, 1786. Map, Mediterranean Sea and Barbary States, 1780s. Letter, Richard O’Bryen to Thomas Jefferson, 1785. Resolution on redeeming captives in Algiers, 1787. Letter, Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, 1787. Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities
Emerging Nation: America 1783-1790-Jackdaw (BB) JS  
B 124970B 124970 End of Our Story
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Haston, Meg
Length: 280 Copyright: 2017

Bridge and Wil have been entangled in each other's lives for years, but when Wil's family suffers a violent loss their senior year of high school, Bridge and Wil discover just how much they've grown apart, but can they find their way back to each other? Iowa High School Award, 2019-2020. Realistic fiction. IL 9-12.
End of Our Story JS  
B 120838B 120838 Endangered
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Giles, Lamar
Length: 282 Copyright: 2015

When Lauren (Panda), a teen photoblogger, gets involved in a deadly game, she has to protect the classmates she despises. Racially mixed people- Fiction. Thriller. AR 4.9 Lexile 710 IL 9-12.
Endangered JS  
B 108987B 108987 Endgame
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Garden, Nancy
Length: 287 Copyright: 2006

Fourteen year old Gray Wilcox, bullied at school and ridiculed by an unfeeling father for preferring drums to hunting, goes on a shooting rampage at his high school. Family problems. School shootings. AR 4.8. RC 5.2. Lexile 870.
Endgame JS  
B 124883B 124883 Every Heart a Doorway
Grade Lvl: JS Author: McGuire, Seanan
Length: 173 Copyright: 2016

Children have always disappeared under the right conditions; slipping through the shadows under a bed or at the back of a wardrobe, tumbling down rabbit holes and into old wells, and emerging somewhere... else. But magical lands have little need for used-up miracle children. Nancy tumbled once, but now she's back. The things she's experienced... they change a person. The children under Miss West's care understand all too well. And each of them is seeking a way back to their own fantasy world. But Nancy's arrival marks a change at the Home. There's a darkness just around each corner, and when tragedy strikes, it's up to Nancy and her new-found schoolmates to get to the heart of things. No matter the cost. Iowa HS Battle of the Books 2018-2019. Thriller fiction. Fantasy. IL 9-12.
Every Heart a Doorway JS  
B 123445B 123445 Everything Must Go
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Davis, Jenny Fran
Length: 402 Copyright: 2017

Falling for a young man who has accepted a job at a hippie Quaker school, Flora leaves her elite prep school to join him, but must make the most of the situation when he fails to show up, in a story told through letters, emails, and news stories. Epistolary. YA Realistic Fiction. IL 8-12.
Everything Must Go JS  
B 109010B 109010 Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Brande, Robin
Length: 268 Copyright: 2007

Following her conscience led high school freshman Mena to clash with her parents and former friends from their conservative Christian church, but might result in new friendships and more when she stands up for a teacher who refuses to include "Intelligent Design" in lesson on evolution. Blogs. Christian life. AR 4.9. RC 4.8. Lexile 800.
Evolution, Me & Other Freaks of Nature JS  
B 123411B 123411 Expelled
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Patterson, James
Length: 296 Copyright: 2017

Expelled over the photo that was posted to his Twitter account, Will Foster, seventeen, is determined to find out who took the picture and why he and three other students were targeted. Realistic fiction. IL 9-12. AR 4.7. Lexile 680.
Expelled JS  
B 109539B 109539 Fade to Black
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Flinn, Alex
Length: 184 Copyright: 2006

An HIV-positive high school student hospitalized after being attacked, the bigot accused of the crime, and the only witness, a classmate with Down Syndrome, reveal how the assault has changed their lives as they tell of its aftermath. Toleration. Hate crimes. AR 3.7. RC 3.9. Lexile 590.
Fade to Black JS  
B 118852B 118852 Famous Last Words
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Alender, Katie
Length: 312 Copyright: 2014

High-schooler Willa has just moved to California with her mother and film director stepfather, and she will be attending a private school--but her real problem is that she keeps seeing things that are not really there, like a dead body in the swimming pool, and her visions may be connected to a serial killer that is stalking young girls in Hollywood. Clairvoyance- Fiction. Serial murderers- Fiction. Stepfamilies- Fiction. Supernatural thriller. Paranormal mystery. AR 4.7 RC 3.8 Lexile 660 IL 7-11.
Famous Last Words JS  
B 117353B 117353 First Date
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Carlson, Melody
Length: 212 Copyright: 2013

Upperclassmen at Northwood Academy rarely date so Devon, a bored junior transfer student, persuades her friends Cassidy, Emma, Bryn, and Abby to form a club to help each other find dates for the Homecoming Dance. Clubs Fiction. IL 7-12.
First Date JS  
B 122543B 122543 Fixer
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Barnes, Jennifer
Length: 372 Copyright: 2015

When her grandfather develops dementia, sixteen-year-old Tess, who has been keeping his Montana ranch going, is whisked away to Washington, D.C., by a sister she barely knows and thrown into a world of politics, power, wealth, love triangles, and family secrets. Wealth- Fiction. Thriller. AR 4.7 RC 5.5 IL 8-12.
Fixer JS  
B 124416B 124416 Flying Lessons & Other Stories
Grade Lvl: IJS Author:
Length: 218 Copyright: 2017

Whether it is basketball dreams, family fiascos, first crushes, or new neighborhoods, this bold anthology--written by the best children's authors including Kwame Alexander, Soman Chainani, Jacqueline Woodson, and many more--celebrates the uniqueness and universality in all of us. How to transform an everyday, ordinary hoop court into a place of higher learning and you at the podium / Matt de la Pena -- Difficult path / Grace Lin -- Sol Painting Inc. / Meg Medina -- Secret Samantha / Tim Federle -- Beans and rice chronicles of Isaiah Dunn / Kelly J. Baptist -- Choctaw Bigfoot, midnight in the mountains / Tim Tingle -- Main Street / Jacqueline Woodson -- Flying lessons / Soman Chainani -- Seventy-six dollars and forty-nine cents / Kwame Alexander -- Sometimes a dream needs a push / Walter Dean Myers. Short stories. Story collection. Multicultural. IL 6-10. AR 5.0. RC 5.3. Lexile 800. GR Z.
Flying Lessons & Other Stories IJS  
B 123399B 123399 Football and Player Safety
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Barber, Phil
Length: 64 Copyright: 2017

Is football becoming too dangerous to play? New evidence appearing almost weekly is changing how the game is played and how players are treated. The issue of concussions and their long-term effects is making everyone sit up and take notice of just how much playing the sport they love negatively affects athletes and their health. From a longtime football journalist, here's an inside look at the past, present, and future of football safety. Nonfiction. IL 5-12.
Football and Player Safety IJS  
B 109526B 109526 For Money and Love
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Strasser, Todd
Length: 195 Copyright: 2007

High school junior Kate Blessing is part of a mob family, but when her mother gets fed up with her husband Bobby's cheating and moves out, it is Kate who steps up to help run the "family business." Organized crime. From the series Mob Princess. AR 4.6. IL 9-12.
For Money and Love JS  
DVD 2511DVD 2511 Formative Assessment in Content Areas High School
Grade Lvl: T Author:
Length: 32 Copyright: 2009

Shows high school teachers the ways they can use formative assessments in the subject areas (math, humanities, and design) and grade levels they teach. Classroom scenes show teachers using formative assessments to discover their students' prior knowledge of subject matter, check for understanding, choose the most effective instructional strategies, and gauge the progress of their students. Professional development tools included on DVD-ROM are PowerPoint presentation and handouts.
Formative Assessment in Content Areas High School T  
B 119275B 119275 Full Ride
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Haddix, Margaret Peterson
Length: 343 Copyright: 2013

After her father is convicted of embezzlement, Becca Jones, fourteen, and her mother flee Georgia for small-town Ohio but three years later she learns that his misdeeds may have jeopardized not just her future but also her life. Secrets- Fiction. Criminals- Fiction. AR 5.4 RC 5.3 Lexile 800 IL 7-12.
Full Ride JS  
B 109167B 109167 Game
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Myers, Walter Dean
Length: 218 Copyright: 2008

Drew Lawson, counting on basketball to get him into college and out of Harlem, struggles to keep his cool when the coach brings in two white players and puts them in positions that clearly threaten Drew's game. Czech Americans. AR 4.9. RC 5.3. Lexile 800. IL 8-12.
Game JS  
B 116372B 116372 Gathering
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Armstrong, Kelley
Length: 359 Copyright: 2012

Sixteen-year-old Maya suspects there may be a link between her paw-print birthmark, her connection with wild animals, and the strange events occurring in her tiny Vancouver Island community, where a medical research facility harbors big secrets. Supernatural Fiction. Human-animal relationships Fiction. From the Darkness Rising trilogy, Book 1. AR 4.2 RC 4.7 Lexile 640 IL 7-11.
Gathering JS  
B 109908B 109908 Ghostgirl
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Hurley, Tonya
Length: 328 Copyright: 2008

After dying, high school senior Charlotte Usher is as invisible to nearly everyone as she always felt, but despite what she learns in a sort of alternative high school for dead teens, she clings to life while seeking a way to go to the Fall Ball with the boy of her dreams. Popularity. Afterlife. Future life. Satire. AR 6.6. Follett RL 5.8. RC 7.4. Lexile 950.
Ghostgirl JS  
B 109153B 109153 Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Allison, Jennifer
Length: 339 Copyright: 2006

Having earned a scholarship to a private girls' high school, self-proclaimed psychic investigator Gilda Joyce investigates the circumstances surrounding the drowning death of a student whose ghost supposedly haunted the campus. Secret societies. Psychic ability. AR 6.3. Follett RL 6.7. RC 6.4. Lexile 960.
Gilda Joyce: The Ladies of the Lake IJS  
B 116294B 116294 Going Vintage
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Leavitt, Lindsey
Length: 312 Copyright: 2013

When sixteen-year-old Mallory learns that her boyfriend, Jeremy, is cheating on her with his cyber "wife," she rebels against technology by following her grandmother's list of goals from 1962, with help from her younger sister, Ginnie. Dating (Social customs) Fiction. Lists Fiction. Sisters Fiction. IL 7-10.
Going Vintage JS  
B 125349B 125349 Green: A Novel
Grade Lvl: S Author: Graham-Felsen, Sam
Length: 301 Copyright: 2018

In 1992 Boston, Dave, a white boy at a mostly black middle school, befriends Marlon, a youth who lives in public housing and who confounds Dave's assumptions about black culture before their bond is tested by girls, family secrets, and national violence. Alex Award, 2019. Coming of Age / Bildungsroman. Race relations. IL 10-12.
Green: A Novel S  
B 115489B 115489 Guitar Notes
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Amato, Mary
Length: 296 Copyright: 2012

Tripp, who plays guitar only for himself, and Lyla, a cellist whose talent has already made her famous but not happy, form an unlikely friendship when they are forced to share a practice room at their high school. Guitar Fiction. Violoncello Fiction. Single-parent families Fiction. AR 4.0 IL 7-11.
Guitar Notes JS  
B 122520B 122520 Gutless
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Deuker, Carl
Length: 329 Copyright: 2016

With both good speed and good hands, wide receiver Brock Ripley should be a natural for the varsity team, but he shies from physical contact. When his issues get him cut from varsity, he also loses his friendship with star quarterback Hunter Gates. Now a target for bullying, Brock struggles to overcome his fears and discover that, in his own way, he is brave enough. AR 4.9 RC 5.5 Lexile 730 IL 6-10.
Gutless IJS  
B 108985B 108985 Gym Candy
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Deuker, Carl
Length: 313 Copyright: 2007

Groomed by his father to be a star player, football is the only thing that has ever really mattered to Mich Johnson, who works hard for a spot on the varsity team his freshman year, then tries to hold onto his edge by using steroids, despite the consequences to his health and social life. Fathers and sons.
Gym Candy JS  
B 108995B 108995 Hand You're Dealt
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Volponi, Paul
Length: 168 Copyright: 2008

When seventeen year old Huck's vindictive math teacher wins the town poker tournament and takes the winner's watch away from Huck's father while he is in a coma, Huck vows to get even with him no matter what it takes. Revenge. AR 5.3.
Hand You're Dealt JS  
B 92570B 92570 Handbook on Differentiated Instruction Middle/HS
Grade Lvl: T Author: Northey, Sheryn
Length: 195 Copyright: 2005

Complete title: Handbook on Differentiated Instruction for Middle and High Schools. Tips, activities, strategies and resources for teachers in grades 6-12. Demonstrates how to adjust the content taught, the process, and the products students produce. Sections: 1. Getting to Know Your Students (learning styles; readability; interests; multiple intelligences, abilities/disabilities, emotional development, etc); 2. Gathering Resources (scaffolding activities; prereading activities, reading strategies, such as teaching vocabulary words, anticipation guide, teacher modeling, graphic organizers, SQ3R,; online resources); 3. Selecting a Process (tiered lessons, using interest groups, flexible grouping, literature circles, cooperative groups, individualized instructions, independent study, learning centers, learning contracts, etc); 4. Assessment: Differentiating Product (questioning strategies, Socratic Seminar, problem-based assessment, performance-based assessment, peer assessment, portfolio, rubric); and 5. Putting it All Together.
Handbook on Differentiated Instruction Middle/HS T  
B 124935B 124935 Hate U Give
Grade Lvl: S Author: Thomas, Angie
Length: 444 Copyright: 2017

Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed. Soon afterward, his death is a national headline. Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger. Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalil's name. Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family. What everyone wants to know is: what really went down that night? And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr. But what Starr does-or does not-say could upend her community. It could also endanger her life. Iowa High School Award, 2019-2020. Strong language and content throughout. Teacher preview strongly recommended. See KM 12759 for access to multiple copies. IL 10-12. AR 3.9. RC 5.3. Lexile 590.
Hate U Give S  
KM 12759KM 12759 Hate U Give (15 books)
Grade Lvl: S Author: Thomas, Angie
Length: 444 Copyright: 2017

Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter moves between two worlds: the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends. The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Khalil was unarmed. Soon afterward, his death is a national headline. Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger. Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalil's name. Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family. What everyone wants to know is: what really went down that night? And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr. But what Starr does-or does not-say could upend her community. It could also endanger her life. Young Adult. AR 3.2. RC 5.3. Lexile 590. IL 10-12. Set of 15 books. Also see lending title: B124935. Teacher preview strongly recommended due to strong language and nature of the content.
Hate U Give (15 books) S  
B 109275B 109275 Headlong
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Koja, Kathe
Length: 195 Copyright: 2008

High school sophomore Lily opens herself to new possibilities when, despite warnings, she becomes friends with "ghetto girl" Hazel, a new student at the private Vaughn School which Lily, following in her elitist mother's footsteps, has attended since preschool. Social classes. Boarding schools.
Headlong JS  
KM 13020KM 13020 Hi-Lo Graphic Novel Classics, Set 1 (17 books)
Grade Lvl: IJST Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2018

Set of 17 paperback classics in Graphic Novel format. Includes: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea; Best of Poe; Black Beauty; Call of the Wild; Dracula; Frankenstein; Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; Gulliver's Travels; Jane Eyre; Kidnapped; Last of the Mohicans; Man in the Iron Mask; Moby Dick; Mutiny on Board H.M.S.Bounty; Scarlet Letter; Swiss Family Robinson; and The Three Musketeers. IL 5-12.
Hi-Lo Graphic Novel Classics, Set 1 (17 books) IJST  
KM 13021KM 13021 Hi-Lo Graphic Novel Classics, Set 2 (16 Books)
Grade Lvl: IJST Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2018

Set of 16 paperback classics in Graphic Novel format. Includes: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; Adventures of Tom Sawyer; Around the World in Eighty Days; A Christmas Carol; A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Hunchback of Notre Dame; Invisible Man; Journey to the Center of the Earth; Mysterious Island; Prince and the Pauper; Red Badge of Courage; Tale of Two Cities; Time Machine; Treasure Island; and War of the Worlds. IL 5-12.
Hi-Lo Graphic Novel Classics, Set 2 (16 Books) IJST  
B 95895B 95895 High School Transition that Works: Lessons Learned from Project SEARCH
Grade Lvl: T Author: Daston, Maryellen / Riehle, J. Erin
Length: 241 Copyright: 2012

Offers practical strategies, tips, case studies, and materials to help apply the key principles of the Project SEARCH model, a highly successful business-led internship program that prepares students for competitive, integrated employment.
High School Transition that Works: Lessons Learned from Project SEARCH T  
B 105829B 105829 Hit Squad
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Heneghan, James
Length: 106 Copyright: 2003

Students in an upscale high school decide to take on the bullies and take back their school, with decidedly mixed consequences. AR 3.9. Follett RL 4.5. RC 2.9. Lexile 560. From the series Orca Soundings.
Hit Squad JS  
B 115422B 115422 Hooked
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Fichera, LIz
Length: 363 Copyright: 2013

Invited to become her varsity golf team's only female member, Fredericka Oday pursues a dream of earning a scholarship only to be challenged by golden boy Ryan Berenger, who resents Fredericka for replacing his best friend on the team. Told in alternating narratives by Fred and Ryan. Love Fiction. Romance. Romeo and Juliet tale. IL 9-12.
Hooked JS  
B 113567B 113567 I Am Number Four
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Lore, Pittacus
Length: 440 Copyright: 2010

In rural Ohio, friendships and a beautiful girl prove distracting toa fifteen-year-old who has hidden on Earth for ten years waiting to develop the Legacies, or powers, he will need to rejoin the other five surviving Garde members and fight the Mogadorians who destroyedtheir planet, Lorien. Love stories. AR 4.4. RC 4.3. Lexile 700. IL 7-12.
I Am Number Four JS  
B 123451B 123451 I See Reality: Twelve Short Stories About Life
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 290 Copyright: 2016

Through prose and comics alike, these heart-pounding short stories for young adults ask hard questions about a range of topics from sexuality and addiction to violence and immigration. Here is the perfect tool for starting tough discussions or simply as an introduction to realistic literary fiction. In turns funny, thought-provoking, and heartbreaking. Short story collection. YA Fiction. Lexile 790.
I See Reality: Twelve Short Stories About Life JS  
B 106968B 106968 I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Scott, Kieran
Length: 246 Copyright: 2005

As a brunette on the all-blonde cheerleading squad at her new Florida high school, sophomore Annisa Globrowski tries to fit in with her popular teammates without losing the friendship of Bethany, the only other non-blonde at the school. Identity. Popularity. AR 4.7. RC 4.3. Lexile 750.
I Was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader JS  
B 125027B 125027 I, Claudia
Grade Lvl: JS Author: McCoy, Mary
Length: 418 Copyright: 2018

Disaffected teen historian Claudia McCarthy never expected to be in charge of Imperial Day Academy, but by accident, design, or scheme, she is pulled into the tumultuous and high-profile world of the Senate and Honor Council. Suddenly, Claudia is wielding power over her fellow students that she never expected to have and isn't sure she wants. Claudia vows to use her power to help the school. But there are forces aligned against her: shocking scandals, tyrants waiting in the wings, and political dilemmas with no easy answers. As Claudia struggles to be a force for good in the universe, she wrestles with the question: does power inevitably corrupt? Starred reviews. Realistic fiction. IL 9-12. AR 6.6. Lexile 940.
I, Claudia JS  
B 118361B 118361 If You're Reading This
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Reedy, Trent
Length: 296 Copyright: 2014

For a responsible sixteen-year-old, Michael Wilson has a lot of problems--his father was killed in Afghanistan in 2005, his overworked and overprotective mother will not talk about their situation, and does not want him playing football, and he has suddenly started to receive letters that his father wrote before his death. Family life- Iowa Fiction. Mothers and sons- Fiction. AR 4.6 Lexile 700. IL 6-10.
If You're Reading This IJS  
KM 923KM 923 Immigration in Colonial Times-Jackdaw (BB)
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 1973

During the American colonial period, 1607-1775, thousands upon thousands of Europeans and Africans voyaged from their native lands to the uncertainties and hardships of the New World. Some came as free men and women, some as servants, some as prisoners, and some as slaves. This Jackdaw portrays these early emigrants, examines why and how they came and where they located. Hands-on documents — list of passengers, large gravestone rubbing, an early map, letters — personalize the wide range of social strata and geography characterizing to this topic. Historian: Mary Stetson Clarke. Please see professional book: B 96732 for ideas to support teaching and learning with Jackdaw primary sources. IL 8-12. The contents of this Jackdaw feature: Broadsheets Reason for Immigration English Emigrants Non-English Emigrants The Perilous Crossing Conditions of Emigrations Historical Documents List of passengers on the Mayflower. Rubbing from a Massachusetts gravestone, 1680. Letter from a colonist in Georgia, 1732, and a transcript. The Virginia Gazette, September 17-24, 1836. The earliest printed map of Detroit, 1764. Statement of figures from a Spanish expedition to California, 1769, and a translation. Page of prayers to be used at sea, 1636. An indenture, 1731, and a transcript. Pamphlet, “Notes on the Slave Trade,” 1757. Ballad, “The Trappan `d Maiden.” Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities
Immigration in Colonial Times-Jackdaw (BB) JS  
B 122120B 122120 Infinite in Between
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Mackler, Carolyn
Length: 462 Copyright: 2015

Five students who meet in freshman orientation agree to write notes to their future selves and promise to reunite in exactly four years when they are ready to graduate from high school. The teens struggle with family dynamics, heartbreak, and shifting senses of identity. Coming of Age (Literary Theme). AR 4.5 IL 9-12.
Infinite in Between JS  
B 124930B 124930 Information Now: A Graphic Guide to Student Research
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Upson, Matt
Length: 115 Copyright: 2015

Presents a look (in graphic novel format) at information literacy, focusing on searching the Web, evaluating one's sources, and how to use information ethically. Nonfiction. Graphic novel. Information literacy. IL 9-12.
Information Now: A Graphic Guide to Student Research JS  
B 109007B 109007 It's a Mall World After All
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Rallison, Janette
Length: 230 Copyright: 2006

While working at the mall, organizing a school fundraiser, and trying to prove that her best friend's boyfriend is seeing another girl, high-school student Charlotte's best intentions always seem to backfire. AR 5.0. RC 4.3. Lexile 810.
It's a Mall World After All JS  
B 123233B 123233 It's Kind of a Funny Story
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Vizzini, Ned
Length: 444 Copyright: 2006

New York City teenager Craig Gilner succumbs to academic and social pressures at an elite high school and enters a psychiatric hospital after attempting suicide. IL 9-12. AR 4.0. RC 4.0. Lexile 620.
It's Kind of a Funny Story JS  
B 109905B 109905 Jinx
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Cabot, Meg
Length: 262 Copyright: 2007

Sixteen year old Jean "Jinx" Honeychurch, the descendant of a witch, must leave Iowa to live with relatives in Manhattan after the first spell she casts goes awry, but she will have to improve her skills to stop her cousin from practicing black magic that endangers them and the boy they both like. Occult. RC 4.5. Lexile 760.
Jinx JS  
B 109421B 109421 Knights of the Hill Country
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Tharp, Tim
Length: 233 Copyright: 2008

In his senior year, high school star linebacker Hampton Green finally begins to think for himself and discovers that he might be interested in more than just football. Coming of age story. Identity. AR 5.3. RC 8.2. Lexile 940.
Knights of the Hill Country JS  
B 124592B 124592 Leah on the Offbeat
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Albertalli, Becky
Length: 343 Copyright: 2018

When it comes to drumming, Leah Burke is usually on beat--but real life isn't always so rhythmic. She's an anomaly in her friend group: the only child of a young, single mom, and her life is decidedly less privileged. She loves to draw but is too self-conscious to show it. And even though her mom knows she's bisexual, she hasn't mustered the courage to tell her friends--not even her openly gay BFF, Simon. So Leah really doesn't know what to do when her rock-solid friend group starts to fracture in unexpected ways. With prom and college on the horizon, tensions are running high. It's hard for Leah to strike the right note while the people she loves are fighting--especially when she realizes she might love one of them more than she ever intended. Sequel to: Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. (B 120577 or Playaway KM 12923) LGBTQIA. Secrets. Realistic fiction. IL 9-12. AR 3.7. RC 3.7. Lexile 500.
Leah on the Offbeat JS  
B 95875B 95875 Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs, 2nd edition
Grade Lvl: T Author: Mannix, Darlene
Length: 0 Copyright: 2009

A collection of illustrated activity sheets, discussion questions, applied exercises, and evaluation suggestions for teaching life skills to special needs students in grades six through twelve (primarily directed toward middle school or younger high school students); providing more than 190 specific activities in six skill areas. Part one: Self-Awareness; Part two: People Skills; Part three: Academic & School Skills; Part four: Practical Living Skills; Part five: Vocational Skills; Part six: Problem-Solving Skills. Contains reproducible pages.
Life Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs, 2nd editi T  
B 117177B 117177 List
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Vivian, Siobhan
Length: 333 Copyright: 2012

Every year at Mount Washington High School somebody posts a list of the prettiest and ugliest girls from each grade--this is the story of eight girls, freshman to senior, and how they are affected by the list. Self-perception Fiction. Self-esteem Fiction. Identity Fiction. AR 4.8 RC 4.6 Lexile 750 IL 9-12.
List JS  
B 92908B 92908 Literacy Strategies for Grades 4-12
Grade Lvl: T Author: Tankersley, Karen
Length: 202 Copyright: 2005

Subtitle: Reinforcing the Threads of Reading. Gives dozens of everyday classroom practices--from 15-minute projects to semester-long whole-grade assignments--that motivate struggling students, rescue poor readers, and teach reading skills to English language learners.
Literacy Strategies for Grades 4-12 T  
B 123390B 123390 Los Angeles (Hoop City)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Moussavi, Sam
Length: 199 Copyright: 2016

Paul is the top high school basketball player coming out of Los Angeles. He has the pick of any college that he wants. So what's eating at him? Well, life is hard growing up in Watts. Plus, Paul lost his parents and sister at a young age. The only person he has left is his grandmother, who raised him. Will the pressure of leading his team through his senior season, along with choosing a college, be enough to break Paul? Hoop City Series. Realistic fiction. IL 8-12. Lexile 630.
Los Angeles (Hoop City) JS  
B 122096B 122096 Losers Take All: A Novel
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Klass, David
Length: 305 Copyright: 2015

At a sports-crazy NJ high school where all kids must play on a team, a group of rebels start a soccer team designed to undermine the jock-culture of the school. Identity- Fiction. AR 5.6 RC 5.7 Lexile 890 IL 7-10.
Losers Take All: A Novel JS  
B 123442B 123442 Love & Leftovers: A Novel in Verse
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Tregay, Sarah
Length: 432 Copyright: 2012

Captures one girl's experience with family, friends, and love. Dragged to New Hampshire for the summer, Marcie soon realizes that her mom has no plans for them to return to Marcie's father in Idaho. As Marcie starts at a new school, without her ragtag group of friends called the Leftovers, a new romance heats up, but she struggles to understand what love really means. Poetry. Novel in verse. IL 8-12. AR 4.8. RC 5.5. Lexile 840.
Love & Leftovers: A Novel in Verse JS  
B 115432B 115432 Lying Game
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Shepard, Sara
Length: 307 Copyright: 2010

Emma is shocked to learn she has a twin sister, Sutton, but on the day the girls are supposed to meet, Sutton is killed, and Emma risks everything to slip into her twin's life and try to bring the killer to justice. Twins Fiction. Murder Fiction. AR 4.9 RC 5.5 Lexile 730 IL 9-12.
Lying Game JS  
KM 921KM 921 Making of the Constitution-Jackdaw (BB)
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 1972

This Jackdaw observes the participants and examines the issues, ideals and principles that led to our Constitution. The historical document replicas allow students to touch and read some of the same documents our founding fathers used. Hands-on documents include three forms of the Constitution, a proposal for a Bill of Rights, a chronology of events and a list of the delegates to “The Grand Federal Convention.” Historian: Elizabeth Bidwell Bates. Please see professional book: B 96732 for ideas to support teaching and learning with Jackdaw primary sources. IL 8-12. The contents of this Jackdaw feature: Broadsheets Prophecies of the American Downfall The Grand Federal Convention The Results of Accommodations and Compromise Ratificafion: Not the Work of a Day Brief Moment of Harmony Historical Documents Buell map of the United States of North America, 1784. A chronology on the Making of the Constitution and a list of delegates to “The Grand Foederal Convention.” Edmund Randolph’s presentation of the Virginia Plan. Page of Washington’s copy of first printed draft of the Constitution. Draft of Benjamin Franklin’s speech to the Federal Convention. A broadside version of the Constitution of the United States. George Mason’s speech on slavery. Gallery of portraits with contemporary comments. Proposal for the Bill of Rights. Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities
Making of the Constitution-Jackdaw (BB) JS  
B 108955B 108955 Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Zevin, Gabrielle
Length: 271 Copyright: 2007

After a nasty fall, Naomi realizes that she has no memory of the last four years and finds herself reassessing every aspect of her life. Amnesia. AR 4.6. RC 3.9. Lexile 720.
Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac JS  
B 120799B 120799 Miss Mayhem
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Hawkins, Rachel
Length: 277 Copyright: 2015

In the sequel to Rebel Belle(118862), Harper Price and her new boyfriend and oracle David Stark face new challenges as the powerful Ephors seek to claim David for their own. Debutantes- Fiction. Oracles- Fiction. Paranormal- fiction. AR 5.8 Lexile 870 IL 7-11.
Miss Mayhem JS  
KM 12570KM 12570 More Class Meetings That Matter 9-12
Grade Lvl: T Author: Limber, Susan P / Snyder, Marlene
Length: 184 Copyright: 2016

Provides teachers with developmentally appropriate activities to use as part of their OBPP class meetings in grades 9-12. This should be used as part of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program which is designed to reduce and prevent bullying, improve school climate and support student well-being. The class meetings in this book build upon those provided in the OBPP Teacher Guide (Keystone book order number 93026). This manual can be used with Class Meetings That Matter, Grades 9-12 (Keystone kit number KM 11560). Topics covered in this volume include Communication and cyber-technology; Understanding and managing feelings; Building positive relationships; Building a positive school and classroom climate; and Respecting differences. This MORE volume has a special focus on the issue of bullying and children with disabilities, helping all students to become aware of what disabilities are (visible and not visible), to gain greater acceptance of all students, and to reduce the high rates of bullying behavior experienced by these students. Kit contains the manual developed by authors of OBPP and a CD-ROM with reproducible materials for classroom use.
More Class Meetings That Matter 9-12 T  
B 120791B 120791 Muckers
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Wallace, Sandra Neil
Length: 274 Copyright: 2013

Felix O'Sullivan, standing in the shadow of his dead brother, an angry, distant father, and racial tension, must lead the last-ever Muckers high school football team to the state championship before a mine closing shuts down his entire town. Story was inspired by the 1950 Jerome, Arizona Muckers football team. AR 5.1 RC 5.6 Lexile 860 IL 8-12.
Muckers JS  
B 110035B 110035 My Life and Death by Alexandra Canarsie
Grade Lvl: JS Author: O'Keefe, Susan
Length: 255 Copyright: 2002

Escaping school and family problems in a cemetery, fifteen year old Allie begins attending strangers' funerals, which leads to her first real friendship and a mystery that she believes only she can solve. AR 4.7. RC 6.2. Lexile 660.
My Life and Death by Alexandra Canarsie JS  
B 109168B 109168 New Blood
Grade Lvl: JS Author: McPhee, Peter
Length: 167 Copyright: 2007

Callum's family moves from Glasgow to Winnipeg, Canada, after he is beaten nearly to death by bullies, hoping for a new start in a new country, but trouble seems to follow the teen who finally gets tired of running. From the series SideStreets. AR 4.6. Follett RL 5.0.
New Blood JS  
B 123389B 123389 New York City (Hoop City)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Moussavi, Sam
Length: 198 Copyright: 2016

Darnell is a talented high school basketball player from Brooklyn, primed to be the first to attend college...but when his mother tells him that she has a new boyfriend, an event from Darnell's past takes him to a dark place. Will he be able to confront his past and try to overcome it? Hoop City Series. Realistic fiction. IL 8-12. Lexile 660.
New York City (Hoop City) JS  
B 109547B 109547 Nineteen Minutes: A Novel
Grade Lvl: S Author: Picoult, Jodi
Length: 455 Copyright: 2007

The people of Sterling, New Hampshire, are forever changed after a shooting at the high school leaves ten people dead, and the judge presiding over the trial tries to remain unbiased, even though her daughter witnessed the events and was friends with the assailant. School shootings. Victims of crimes. Narrated from multiple perspectives. AR 6.0. RC 5.6. Lexile 890. Outstanding book for the college bound.
Nineteen Minutes: A Novel S  
B 95001B 95001 Note Taking Made Easy!
Grade Lvl: T Author: Hippie, Deana
Length: 96 Copyright: 2010

Subtitle: Strategies & Scaffolded Lessons for Helping All Students Take Effective Notes, Summarize, and Learn the Content They Need to Know. Contains classroom-tested lessons, suggested activities, reproducible pages, sample paragraphs, and graphic organizers aimed at improving the note-taking skills of students in fifth grade and up.
Note Taking Made Easy! T  
B 114765B 114765 Notes From an Accidental Band Geek
Grade Lvl: IJ Author: Dionne, Erin
Length: 282 Copyright: 2011

French horn virtuoso Elsie Wyatt resents having to join her high school's marching band playing a melliphone, but finally finds a sense of belonging that transcends the pressure she has always felt to be as good as her father, principal french horn player in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. AR 5.0 RC 5.7 Lexile 770 IL 6-9.
Notes From an Accidental Band Geek IJ  
B 116610B 116610 Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Shen, Prudence
Length: 279 Copyright: 2013

Captain of the basketball team Charlie and president of the robotics club Nate battle it out in a school class election campaign for funding to cover a robotics competition or new cheerleading uniforms. Graphic novels. Teenagers Comic books, strips, etc. Fiction. AR 3.1 RC 4.2 Il 7-11.
Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong JS  
B 109906B 109906 November Blues
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Draper, Sharon M.
Length: 316 Copyright: 2007

A teenaged boy's death in a hazing accident has lasting effects on his pregnant girlfriend and his guilt-ridden cousin, who gives up a promising music career to play football during his senior year in high school. AR and RC 4.6. Lexile 770. Coretta Scott King Author Award Honor book.
November Blues JS  
B 107066B 107066 Offsides
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Esckilsen, Erik
Length: 172 Copyright: 2004

Tom Gray, a Mohawk Indian and star soccer player, moves to a new high school and refuses to play for their Warriors with their insulting mascott. AR 5.6. Follett RL 5.9. RC 6.4. Lexile 970.
Offsides JS  
B 100861B 100861 ON THE FRINGE
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 224 Copyright: 2001

Collection of stories that explore the experiences of social outsiders/outcasts in high school. Contents: Geeks Bearing Gifts by Ron Koertge; Great Expectations by M.E. Kerr; Shortcut by Nancy Werlin; Through a Windows by Angela Johnson; Muzak For Prozac by Jack Gantos; Standing On the Roof Naked by Francess Lantz; Mrs. Noonan by Graham Salisbury; WWJD by Will Weaver; Satyagraha by Alden R. Carter; A Letter From the Fringe by Joan Bauer; and Guns For Geeks by Chris Crutcher. Edited by Donald R. Gallo. AR level 4.9.
B 123415B 123415 One of Us is Lying
Grade Lvl: JS Author: McManus, Karen M
Length: 360 Copyright: 2017

When the creator of a high school gossip app mysteriously dies in front of four high-profile students all four become suspects. It's up to them to solve the case. Fiction. IL 9-12. AR 5.1. RC 5.5. Lexile 730. Iowa Teen Award, 2019-2020.
One of Us is Lying JS  
B 121170B 121170 Outburst
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Jones, Patrick
Length: 94 Copyright: 2014

After spending time in a juvenile detention center for a crime related to severe anger issues, seventeen-year-old Jada Robinson is sent to a foster home and enrolled in an alternative high school, and begins to move past her old life. From the series Alternative. AR 4.6 RC 4.3 Lexile 690 IL 6-10.
Outburst IJS  
B 122286B 122286 P.S. I Like You
Grade Lvl: JS Author: West, Kasie
Length: 329 Copyright: 2016

Every day in chemistry class, high school student and aspiring songwriter Lily Abbott is finding notes left to her by a mystery boy, love letters really, and she hopes they are from Lucas, a boy she is attracted to--so when she finds out who they are really from, she is shocked and unsure about how to respond. Love & Romance. AR 4.2 Lexile 570 IL 7-10.
P.S. I Like You JS  
B 113565B 113565 Payback Time
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Deuker, Carl
Length: 298 Copyright: 2010

Overweight, somewhat timid Mitch reluctantly agrees to be the sportsreporter for the Lincoln High newspaper because he is determined to be a writer, but he senses a real story in Angel, a talented football player who refuses to stand out on the field--or to discuss his past. AR 5.0. RC 5.6. Lexile 750. IL 7-11.
Payback Time JS  
KM 12376KM 12376 Payback Time (12 Books)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Deuker, Carl
Length: 298 Copyright: 2010

Overweight, timid Mitch reluctantly agrees to be the sports reporter for the Lincoln High newspaper because he wants to be a writer, but he senses a real story in Angel, a talented football player who refuses to discuss his past. Kit contains twelve copies of the book by Carl Deuker (298 pages; AR 5.0 RC 5.6 Lexile 750) IL 7-11. Four-week loan period.
Payback Time (12 Books) JS  
B 94952B 94952 PBL Starter Kit: To-the-Point Advice, Tools and Tips for Your First Project in Middle and High School
Grade Lvl: T Author: Larmer, John
Length: 138 Copyright: 2009

Written for middle school and high school teachers, who are new to PBL. Contains easy to read, brief and to-the-point advice about a first, relatively simple project, with examples and tools to help you plan it well. From the Project Based Learning Toolkit series.
PBL Starter Kit: To-the-Point Advice, Tools and Tips for Your First Project T  
B 109602B 109602 Peeled
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Bauer, Joan
Length: 248 Copyright: 2008

In an upstate New York farming community, high school reporter Hildy Biddle investigates a series of strange occurrences at a house rumored to be haunted. AR 4.2. RC 3.5. Lexile 620.
Peeled IJS  
B 106701B 106701 Perfect Shot
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Alphin, Elaine
Length: 360 Copyright: 2005

Brian uses basketball to block out memories of his girlfriend and her family who were murdered; however, the upcoming trial and a high school history assignment forces him to face the past. Thriller. Suspense. Teen Books of the Year 2005. AR 6.1. RC 6.8. Lexile 990.
Perfect Shot JS  
B 95380B 95380 Personalized Learning: Student-Designed Pathways to High School Graduation
Grade Lvl: T Author: Clarke, John
Length: 211 Copyright: 2013

Shows how to move your school (grades 6-12) toward enriched personalized study with specific tips, guides and answers from those who have already used the model to improve readiness outcomes. Relates the personalization initiative approach used by Mount Abraham Union High School in Bristol, Vermont in preparing students to meet common graduation standards. Student-centered learning.
Personalized Learning: Student-Designed Pathways to High School Graduation T  
B 108425B 108425 Pieces of Georgia
Grade Lvl: IJ Author: Bryant, Jen
Length: 166 Copyright: 2006

In journal entries to her mother, a gifted artist who died suddenly, thirteen year old Georgia McCoy reveals how her life changes after she receives an anonymous gift membership to a nearby art museum. Novel-in-verse. Grief. AR 5.6. Follett RL 5.4. RC 9.3. Lexile 1160.
Pieces of Georgia IJ  
B 112331B 112331 Pop
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Korman, Gordon
Length: 260 Copyright: 2009

Lonely after a midsummer move to a new town, high-school quarterback Marcus Jordan becomes friends with a retired professional linebacker whose erractic behavior confuses him, until Marcus discover that the player is actually suffering from a neurological disease. Alzheimer's disease. AR 5.1. RC 4.5. Lexile 740. IL 7-10.
Pop JS  
B 95165B 95165 Positive Behavior Support in Secondary Schools: A Practical Guide
Grade Lvl: T Author: Young, Ellie L. / Caldarella, Paul
Length: 158 Copyright: 2012

Guide shows how to implement positive behavior support (PBS) strategies in secondary settings, using a three-tiered approach. The authors adapt the core ideas of PBS to the developmental context of adolescence and the organizational structures of middle schools and junior and senior high schools. With an emphasis on data-based decision making, the book provides ideas and examples for meeting the behavioral needs of all students, from those with emerging concerns to those with ongoing, chronic problems. It takes practitioners step by step through planning, implementing, evaluating, and sustaining schoolwide, small-group, and individual interventions. Book includes reproducible forms.
Positive Behavior Support in Secondary Schools: A Practical Guide T  
DVD 2083DVD 2083 Preparing Students for Their Future (Daggett)
Grade Lvl: T Author: Daggett, Willard
Length: 116 Copyright: 2007

Presentation by Dr. Willard R. Daggett (International Center for Leadership in Education) on April 18, 2007. Discusses the skills gap and the need for secondary schools to keep up with the rate of change (Rigor and Relevance). Emphasizes the need to implement practices that work with students who learn differently because they are growing up in a technologically advanced world. Stresses the importance of teaching content area reading and teaching the writing skills that are needed to communicate in the business world. Discusses preparing students to compete on the global level. Details the challenges schools face and the problems our country must solve in the future. Audio difficulties.
Preparing Students for Their Future (Daggett) T  
B 94951B 94951 Project Based Learning Handbook, 2nd Edition
Grade Lvl: T Author: Markham, Thom
Length: 179 Copyright: 2003

Subtitle: A Guide to Standards-Focused Project Based Learning for Middle and High School Teachers. Provides an overview of the what, why, and how of PBL. It guides middle and high school teachers through all phases of successful PBL, from deciding on a project idea to reflecting on the outcomes of a project.
Project Based Learning Handbook, 2nd Edition T  
B 113684B 113684 Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Wright, Bil
Length: 219 Copyright: 2011

Sixteen year old Carlos Duarte is on the verge of realizing his dream of becoming a famous makeup artist, but first he must face his jealous boss at a Macy's cosmetics counter, his sister's abusive boyfriend, and his crush on a punk-rocker classmate. Stonewall Book Award Winner 2012. AR 5.1 RC 5.4. Lexile 820. IL 8-12.
Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy JS  
B 119268B 119268 QB 1
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Lupica, Mike
Length: 261 Copyright: 2013

Jake Cullen, fourteen, lives in the shadows of his father and older brother until he becomes the starting quarterback for the high school football team and finally has his chance to shine. Fathers and sons- Fiction. Family life Texas- Fiction. AR 5.4 RC 8.4 Lexile 990 IL 6-12.
QB 1 IJS  
KM 12295KM 12295 QB 1 (Playaway)
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Lupica, Mike
Length: 0 Copyright: 2014

Jake Cullen, fourteen, lives in the shadows of his father and older brother until he becomes the starting quarterback for the high school football team and finally has his chance to shine. Fathers and sons- Fiction. Family life Texas- Fiction. Contents the book (261 pages AR 5.4 RC 8.4 Lexile 990) by Mike Lupica; playaway--a preloaded audio book (5.75 hours) on a dedicated digital audio media player (MP3); instruction sheet; & earbuds. IL 6-12. Four-week loan period.
QB 1 (Playaway) IJS  
B 109266B 109266 Queen Geeks in Love
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Preble, Laura
Length: 294 Copyright: 2007

In the Queen Geek Social Club, boys have always been strictly secondary to the goal of spreading "geekiness" to every corner of Green Pines High School, until sophomore Shelby is swept off her feet by the karoke stylings of a boy named Fletcher, and Becca and Amber fall for an artistic computer genius. Clubs. San Diego. AR 4.3. Lexile 750.
Queen Geeks in Love JS  
B 109264B 109264 Queen of the Toilet Bowl
Grade Lvl: J Author: Wishinsky, Frieda
Length: 104 Copyright: 2005

Ninth grader Renata Nunes, a Brazilian immigrant who has won the lead part in her school's musical, finally get the strength to stand up to Karin, her hateful understudy, when Karin humiliates her in hopes of stealing the role through intimidation. Teenage girls. From the series Orca Currents. AR 3.7. RC 3.6. Lexile 560.
Queen of the Toilet Bowl J  
B 93233B 93233 Ready-to-Use Violence Prevention Skills Lessons: Ready-to-Use Violence Prevention Skills Lessons Activities for Secondary Students
Grade Lvl: T Author:
Length: 233 Copyright: 1998

Lessons for grades 7-12 focus on a wide range of topics such as stimulant use, family relationships, dealing with anger, managing threatening situations, developing self-respect, responding to failure, coping with stress, male/female relationships, date rape, selecting appropriate role models, consequences for criminal acts, and learning to respect guns and weapons. Edited by Ruth Weltmann Begun and Frank J. Huml.
Ready-to-Use Violence Prevention Skills Lessons: Ready-to-Use Violence Prev T  
B 109688B 109688 Reality Check
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Abrahams, Peter
Length: 330 Copyright: 2009

After a knee injury destroys sixteen year old Cody's college hopes, he drops out of high school and gets a job in his small Montana town, but when his ex-girlfriend disappears from the Vermont boarding school, Cody travels cross-country to join the search. Missing persons. Social classes. Dropouts.
Reality Check JS  
B 118862B 118862 Rebel Belle
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Hawkins, Rachel
Length: 345 Copyright: 2014

Seventeen-year-old Harper Price's charmed life is turned upside down when she discovers she's been given magical powers in order to protect her school nemesis David Stark, who's an Oracle. Oracles Fiction. Debutantes- Fiction. AR 5.4 RC 5.7 Lexile 780 IL 7-11.
Rebel Belle JS  
KM 927KM 927 Reconstruction - Civil War-Jackdaw (BB)
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 1972

This Jackdaw provides the background to Reconstruction after the Civil War and describes the intense political battles that shaped it. It examines the struggle of the blacks for jobs, schools, land reform and political power. How the new governments performed, and their overthrow, is created through prints, photographs, cartoons, broadsheets, newspapers — hands-on documents of the time. Historian: Milton Meltzer. Please see professional book: B 96732 for ideas to support teaching and learning with Jackdaw primary sources. IL 8-12. The contents of this Jackdaw feature: Broadsheets No More Driver’s Lash for Me Black Codes and a White Rule Forty Acres and a Mule From Sheriff to Senator Home Rule Again and White Supremacy Historical Documents Chronology of Reconstruction. Broadside: “Men of Color, To Arms! Now or Never!” about 1863. Portraits of Black Members of the Louisiana Legislature of 1868, with extracts from the Reconstruction Constitution. Ku Klux Klan sheet. Front page of Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, December 26, 1868. Front page of the New Orleans Tribune, January 15, 1869. Five Thomas Nast cartoons. Joint Resolutions of Congress proposing the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Two pages of the Report on Conditions of Affairs in the Southern States, 1872. Broadside: Robert B. Elliott Delivering His Speech on Civil Rights, January 6, 1874. Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities
Reconstruction - Civil War-Jackdaw (BB) JS  
B 123673B 123673 Replacement Crush
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Roberts, Lisa Brown
Length: 347 Copyright: 2016

After book blogger Vivian Galdi's longtime crush pretends their secret summer kissing sessions never happened, Vivian creates a list of safe crushes, determined to protect her heart. IL 9-12.
Replacement Crush JS  
B 120983B 120983 Rest of Us Just Live Here
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Ness, Patrick
Length: 317 Copyright: 2015

The best friend of a kid with superhuman qualities endeavors to have a life of his own that is both normal and extraordinary in the face of constant world-shaking challenges, threats against his school, and an elusive pretty girl. Dystopian fiction. AR 4.6 RC 7.3 Lexile 700 IL 9-12.
Rest of Us Just Live Here JS  
B 94583B 94583 Rigor is Not a Four-Letter Word
Grade Lvl: T Author: Blackburn, Barbara
Length: 178 Copyright: 2008

Presents strategies and techniques teachers can use to introduce more challenging learning opportunities in their classrooms, and discusses the importance of having high expectations for students, and acting appropriately on those expectations to encourage success.
Rigor is Not a Four-Letter Word T  
B 95518B 95518 RTI and the Adolescent Reader: Responsive Literacy Instruction in Secondary Schools
Grade Lvl: T Author: Brozo, William
Length: 176 Copyright: 2011

A guide to using Response to Intervention (RTI) for literacy at the secondary school level, explaining why and how RTI is a viable intervention model for adolescent readers and outlining structural, political, cultural, and teacher and student identity issues related to its use in secondary school settings. Remedial teaching United States. School failure Prevention.
RTI and the Adolescent Reader: Responsive Literacy Instruction in Secondar T  
B 94760B 94760 School Counselor's Guide, High School
Grade Lvl: T Author: Nelson, Mark
Length: 189 Copyright: 2011

Provides a guidance curriculum for High School students, including approximately 100 classroom activities that are organized and designed to meet the National Standards created by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). These activities can be used in the design of a comprehensive guidance curriculum, which addresses the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. Provides assessment instruments that allow counselors to measure how school counseling programs make a difference for their students.
School Counselor's Guide, High School T  
B 116831B 116831 School Spirits
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Hawkins, Rachel
Length: 297 Copyright: 2013

Fifteen-year-old Izzy, who comes from a long line of monster hunters, investigates a series of hauntings at her new high school. AR 5.0 RC 5.5 Lexile 730 IL 7-10.
School Spirits JS  
KM 925KM 925 Secession - Civil War-Jackdaw (BB)
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2001

Your students, using this Jackdaw, will understand the significance of secession as a major cause of the Civil War, in addition to the issue of slavery. Hands-on historical documents — Lee’s letter about joining the Confederacy, notes from a slave, Lincoln’s memos, a map of the states in 1860 — help students explore secession and its many ramifications for the nation. Historians: National Historical Publications and Records Commission - Editor, Mary A. Giunta, Compiler, Burt Knauft. Please see professional book: B 96732 for ideas to support teaching and learning with Jackdaw primary sources. IL 8-12. The contents of this Jackdaw feature: Broadsheets What Is Secession? Right of States to Secede from the Union Slavery — An Issue That Divided the Union “A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand” The Significance and Consequences of the Civil War Comparison: United States and Confederate Constitutions Timeline: 1607-1870 Historical Documents U.S. map illustrating seceding and border states, 1860-61. Newspaper article on South Carolina’s secession from the Union, New York Daily Tribune, December 1860. Secession gallery — 17 annotated illustrations and photos of the turmoil, 1852-67. Ulysses S. Grant’s letter to Frederick Dent on the coming war and slavery, April 1861. Letter from Robert E. Lee to his sister about his decision to join the Confederacy, April 1861. Jefferson Davis’ inaugural address and rationale for secession and establishment of the Confederacy. February 1862. Letter and list of slaves from a former slaveholder, May 1862. Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley describing Lincoln’s policy on the war and slavery, August 1862. Certificate of Freedom for slave “Augustus,” September 1862. Testimony from former slaveholder to Freedman’s Inquiry Commission, November 1863. Letter from James Herney, a black soldier, to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, May 1866. Pictures and descriptions of 14 famous and important people during secession and the Civil War. Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities
Secession - Civil War-Jackdaw (BB) JS  
B 117354B 117354 Second Impact
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Klass, David / Klass, Perri
Length: 279 Copyright: 2013

When Jerry Downing, star quarterback in a small football town, gets a second chance after his drunk driving had serious consequences, Carla Jensen, ace reporter for the school newspaper, invites him to join her in writing a blog, mainly about sports. AR 6.0 RC 8.3 Lexile 980 IL 8-12.
Second Impact JS  
B 109527B 109527 Seeing Emily
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Lee Wong, Joyce
Length: 268 Copyright: 2005

Relates in free verse the experiences of sixteen year old Emily, a gifted artist and the daughter of immigrants to the United States, as she tries to reconcile her American self with her Chinese heritage. AR 6.5.
Seeing Emily JS  
B 94538B 94538 Serving Boys Through Readers' Advisory
Grade Lvl: T Author: Sullivan, Michael
Length: 152 Copyright: 2010

A guide to interesting boys in books and reading, featuring over onehundred booktalks, lists of suggested titles and authors in a variety of genres, and a readers' advisory interview. Includes chapters on why boys are different, a definition of boys' lit, the readers'-advisory interview with boys, special circumstances, booktalking for boys of all ages, and indirect readers' advisory. The second half of the book is devoted to fully annotated book listsin a variety of fiction and nonfiction subject areas, with each chapter further subdivided into elementary-school, middle-school, and high-school readers.
Serving Boys Through Readers' Advisory T  
B 114775B 114775 Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Coben, Harlan
Length: 304 Copyright: 2011

After Mickey witnesses his father's death and his mother's admission into rehab, he is sent to live with his estranged uncle and change high schools, but when Mickey's new girlfriend, Ashley, suddenly disappears Mickey refuses to let another person walk out of his life and follows clues that reveal truths about both Ashley and Mickey's father. Missing persons Fiction. AR 3.7 RC 4.1 Lexile 530 IL 7-12.
Shelter: A Mickey Bolitar Novel JS  
KM 12923KM 12923 Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Playaway)
Grade Lvl: S Author: Albertalli, Becky
Length: 320 Copyright: 2015

Sixteen-year-old, not-so-openly-gay Simon Spier is blackmailed into playing wingman for his classmate or else his sexual identity--and that of his pen pal--will be revealed. Extortion- Fiction. William C. Morris YA Debut Award, 2016. AR 4.4 RC 4.7 Lexile 640 IL 9-12. Contains 1 book, 1 playaway, and a 5-way splitter. Playaway run time: 6.75 hours.
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Playaway) S  
B 124569B 124569 Sixth Man (Book 2)
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Feinstein, John
Length: 298 Copyright: 2015

New kid Max Bellotti has the talent to lead The Lions basketball team straight to victory, but ... he also has a secret that could disrupt their winning streak once it's exposed. Series fiction: Triple Threat, Book 2. IL 6-10. AR 5.2. RC 4.6. Lexile 760. GR Y.
Sixth Man (Book 2) IJS  
B 119274B 119274 Skinny
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Cooner, Donna D
Length: 260 Copyright: 2012

After undergoing gastric-bypass surgery, a self-loathing, obese teenaged girl loses weight and makes the brave decision to start participating in high school life, including pursuing her dream of becoming a singer and finding love. Obesity- Fiction. Weight control- Fiction. AR 4.2 RC 4.2 Lexile 670 IL 7-10.
Skinny JS  
KM 12985KM 12985 Smile & Succeed for Teens (8 Books & Guide)
Grade Lvl: JST Author: Manecke, Kirt
Length: 0 Copyright: 2014

A crash course in people skills to help teens succeed in school, work, and life. Get a good job. Make more money. Make a difference. Teens discover how to quickly and easily master the people skills critical to their success. Packed with indispensable tips, proven techniques, and "must-do-now" strategies, this book generates immediate results for success in school, work, and life. A must-read to master valuable social skills, prepare for a job, and get a head start in a career. Perfect if you are looking for a job, working, starting your own business, volunteering, or applying to college. Kit contains the Teaching Guide and 8 books. IL 7-12. Lexile 720.
Smile & Succeed for Teens (8 Books & Guide) JST  
B 120785B 120785 Sound of Letting Go
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Kehoe, Stasia Ward
Length: 388 Copyright: 2014

At seventeen, Daisy feels imprisoned by her brother Steven's autism and its effects, and her only escape is through her trumpet into the world of jazz, but when her parents decide to send Steven to an institution she is not ready to let him go. Family problems- Fiction. Novels in verse. AR 6.0 RC 7.3 Lexile 940 IL 7-12.
Sound of Letting Go JS  
B 125049B 125049 Speak
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Anderson, Laurie Halse
Length: 198 Copyright: 1999

A traumatic event near the end of the summer has a devastating effect on Melinda's freshman year in high school. Sexual assault. Rape. Emotional problems- Fiction. Michael L. Printz Honor book (198 pages) by Laurie Halse Anderson. Starred reviews. First person point of view. Sexual abuse. AR 4.5 RC 7.1 Lexile 690 GR level Z. IL 8-12.
Speak JS  
KM 12391KM 12391 Speak (Playaway)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Anderson, Laurie Halse
Length: 0 Copyright: 2013

A traumatic event near the end of the summer has a devastating effect on Melinda's freshman year in high school. Sexual assault. Rape. Emotional problems- Fiction. Kit contents: playaway--a pre-loaded audio book (5 hours) on a dedicated digital audio media player (MP3) read by Mandy Siegfried; instruction sheet; earbuds; and Michael L. Printz Honor book (197 pages) by Laurie Halse Anderson. AR 4.5 RC 7.1 Lexile 690 GR level Z IL 8-12. Three-week loan period.
Speak (Playaway) JS  
B 120825B 120825 Stand Off
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Smith, Andrew
Length: 401 Copyright: 2015

Now a senior at Pine Mountain Academy, fifteen-year-old Ryan Dean West becomes captain of the rugby team, shares his dormitory room with a twelve-year-old prodigy, Sam Abernathy, and through the course of the year learns to appreciate things he has tried to resist, including change. Boarding schools- Fiction. Rugby football- Fiction. Sequel to Winger(116306). AR 5.6 RC 7.6 Lexile 970 IL 9-12.
Stand Off JS  
B 115824B 115824 Stereotypical Freaks
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Shapiro, Howard
Length: 140 Copyright: 2012

Four disparate high school seniors come together to compete in their school's battle of the bands. They name the band "The Stereotypical Freaks" because they feel stereotyped by their classmates- smart kid, geek, star athlete, and quiet weirdo. Graphic novel. IL 6-12.
Stereotypical Freaks IJS  
B 105838B 105838 Sticks and Stones
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Goobie, Beth
Length: 77 Copyright: 2002

After developing an unearned reputation as a slut, Jujube finds a novel way to take on her tormentors and help a group of girls win back their self-esteem. AR 3.4. Follett RL 3.0. RC 2.6. Lexile 430. Rumor. From the series Orca Soundings.
Sticks and Stones JS  
B 96352B 96352 Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level
Grade Lvl: T Author: Sweeney, Diane
Length: 149 Copyright: 2013

Offers guidance to coaches and principals in high schools, focusing on coaching teachers to assess and deliver, measuring the impact of student-centered coaching, leading the coaching effort and other topics.
Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level T  
B 94986B 94986 Study Max: Improving Sudy Skills in Grades 9-12
Grade Lvl: ST Author: Greene, Lawrence
Length: 214 Copyright: 2005

Provides students and teachers with a step-by-step method designed to help students capitalize on their learning strengths and improve their weaknesses. Covers learning styles and preferences; managing time and developing a study schedule; recording and organizing assignments; organizing study materials; creating a smart study environment; "power reading;" taking and using textbook notes (note-taking); and more. Each unit has a section for teachers and a section for students.
Study Max: Improving Sudy Skills in Grades 9-12 ST  
B 108058B 108058 Stuffed
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Walters, Eric
Length: 108 Copyright: 2006

Ian, inspired by a documentary on fast food, starts an online boycott of Frankie's fast food restaurants that multiplies to the extent that it attracts the attention of the company's lawyers and eventually forces the chain to add healthy choices to its menu. From the series Orca Soundings. AR 4.3. Follett RL 4.4. RC 3.7. Lexile 680 IL 8-12.
Stuffed JS  
B 93258B 93258 Suicide Prevention in the Schools
Grade Lvl: T Author: Capuzzi, Dave
Length: 127 Copyright: 1994

Guidelines for Middle and High School Settings.
Suicide Prevention in the Schools T  
KM 10568KM 10568 Systematic Supervision for High School
Grade Lvl: T Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2006

Subtitle: A Positive Way to Monitor Common Areas. Shows staff who supervise hallways, cafeterias, study halls, and other areas how to apply schoolwide positive behavior support strategies to reduce problem behavior, establish a positive school atmosphere and keep common areas safe. Grades 9-12. Contents: viewer's guide; trainer's guide; 28-minute video (also has DVD--includes 10-minute in-service training with co-author Stephen Smith); and five quick reference cards. Includes supplemental online resources. Two-week loan period.
Systematic Supervision for High School T  
B 94942B 94942 Teach With Your Heart: Lessons I Learned from the Freedom Writers
Grade Lvl: T Author: Gruwell, Erin
Length: 265 Copyright: 2007

Erin Gruwell, the teacher of the Freedom Writers, reflects on her experiences working with troubled teens and shares information about her students' futures after high school. High school teachers. Teenagers California.
Teach With Your Heart: Lessons I Learned from the Freedom Writers T  
B 94122B 94122 Teaching Kids to Change the World: Lessons to Inspire Social Responsibility for Grades 6-12
Grade Lvl: T Author: Griffin-Wiesner, Jennifer / Maser, Chris
Length: 89 Copyright: 2008

A collection of twenty-six lessons to help students in grades six through twelve think responsibly about social and environmental issues, with activities, handouts, and Web sources.
Teaching Kids to Change the World: Lessons to Inspire Social Responsibility T  
B 114588B 114588 Team Human
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Larbalestier, Justine
Length: 344 Copyright: 2012

Residing in New Whitby, Maine, a town founded by vampires trying to escape persecution, Mel finds her negative attitudes challenged when her best friend falls in love with one, another friend's father runs off with one, and she herself is attracted to someone who tries to pass himself off as one. AR 4.7 RC 4.7 Lexile 650 IL 9-12.
Team Human JS  
KM 10477KM 10477 Teambuilding with Teens
Grade Lvl: T Author: MacGregor, Mariam
Length: 0 Copyright: 2008

Subtitle: Activities for Leadership, Decision Making & Group Success. Provides instructions for 36 activities, 20-45 minutes each, designed to teach teenagers leadership and decision making skills. Activities are divided into the following sections: Icebreakers, Self-Awareness, Working with Others, Communication, Qualities of Leadership, Social Issues, Decision Making and Problem Solving, and Closure. Contents: book and CD-ROM with reproducible forms for grades 6-12. Two-week loan period.
Teambuilding with Teens T  
KM 11304KM 11304 Tears of a Tiger (Playaway)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Draper, Sharon M.
Length: 0 Copyright: 2008

The death of high school basketball star Rob Washington in an automobile accident affects the lives of his close friend Andy, who was driving the car, and many others in the school. Book by Sharon Draper is written in the form of conversations, journals, letters, and homework assignments. Contents: instruction sheet; playaway--a preloaded audio book (4 hours) on a dedicated digital audio media player (MP3); earphones; book (180 pages) that concludes with discussion topics; and teacher's guide. AR 4.3. RC 6.5. Lexile 700.
Tears of a Tiger (Playaway) JS  
B 118874B 118874 Tease
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Maciel, Amanda
Length: 328 Copyright: 2014

A teenage girl faces criminal charges for bullying after a classmate commits suicide. AR 5.1 IL 9-12.
Tease JS  
KM 12980KM 12980 Teen Guide to Finances (5 Books)
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 2017

Having a solid understanding of credit and debt, saving and investing, and how to pay for college is essential knowledge for today's teens. The Teen Guide to Finances series walks teens through these and other topics (including how to start a business) in clear, straightforward language. All volumes feature real-world anecdotes; quotes; and listings of informative books, online tools, and apps to further a young person's knowledge of money and finances. Book set of 5 titles. Series nonfiction. IL 8-12. Titles include: Teen guide to credit and debt Teen guide to jobs and taxes Teen guide to paying for college Teen guide to saving and investing Teen guide to starting a business
Teen Guide to Finances (5 Books) JS  
B 95085B 95085 Teens, Libraries, and Social Networking: What Librarians Need to Know
Grade Lvl: T Author:
Length: 184 Copyright: 2011

Offers librarians an overview of how they can use teens' interest in social networking sites to develop library programs that meet teens' needs and create connection between teens and education. Libraries and teenagers. Editors: Denise E. Agosto and June Abbas.
Teens, Libraries, and Social Networking: What Librarians Need to Know T  
B 124425B 124425 They Lost Their Heads!: What Happened to Washington's Teeth, Einstein's Brain, and Other Famous Body Parts
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Beccia, Carlyn
Length: 182 Copyright: 2018

From the kidnapping of Einstein's brain to the horrifying end of Louis XIV's heart, the mysteries surrounding some of history's most famous body parts range from medical to macabre. Explores the misadventures of noteworthy body parts through history and springboards to exploring STEM topics such as forensics, DNA testing, brain science, organ donation, and cloning. Forensic science. Celebrity anecdotes. Nonfiction. IL 5-12.
They Lost Their Heads!: What Happened to Washington's Teeth, Einstein's Bra IJS  
B 96286B 96286 Think Tank Library: Brain-Based Learning Plans, Gr. 6-12
Grade Lvl: T Author: Ratzer, Mary Boyd / Jaeger, Paige
Length: 128 Copyright: 2015

Describes how to transform the school library into a "think tank" by helping teachers create an active learning environment in which students question, investigate, synthesize, conclude, and present information based on Common Core standards. Brain-Based Learning Plans for New Standards, Grades 6-12. Curriculum planning- United States.
Think Tank Library: Brain-Based Learning Plans, Gr. 6-12 T  
B 114072B 114072 Third Gift
Grade Lvl: KPI Author: Park, Linda
Length: 32 Copyright: 2011

After harvesting an especially large "tear" of a resin known as myrrh, a young boy and his father visit a spice merchant whose threecustomers are seeking a special gift to bring to a baby. Includes biblical references and historical information about the Magi and myrrh. Jesus Christ--Nativity. AR 3.2. IL K-4.
Third Gift KPI  
B 116834B 116834 This is Not a Test
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Summers, Courtney
Length: 326 Copyright: 2012

Barricaded in Cortege High with five other teens while zombies try to get in, Sloane Price observes her fellow captives become more unpredictable and violent as time passes although they each have much more reason to live than she has. Zombies Fiction. Family problems Fiction. AR 3.9 RC 4.4 Lexile 610 IL 9-12.
This is Not a Test JS  
B 112747B 112747 Too Many Turkeys
Grade Lvl: P Author: White, Linda
Length: 32 Copyright: 2010

Chaos ensues when Farmer Fred's wife fertilizes her beautiful gardenwith a secret ingredient that attracts turkeys from miles around. AR 3.5. RC 2.7. Lexile 650. IL 1-3
Too Many Turkeys P  
B 123472B 123472 Trouble is a Friend of Mine
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Tromly, Stephanie
Length: 334 Copyright: 2015

After her parents' divorce, Zoe Webster moves from Brooklyn to upstate New York where she meets the weirdly compelling misfit, Philip Digby, and soon finds herself in a series of hilarious and dangerous situations as he pulls her into his investigation into the kidnapping of a local teenage girl which may be related to the disappearance of his kid sister eight years ago. Mystery ficition. IL 9-12. AR 4.3. RC 6.5. Lexile 630.
Trouble is a Friend of Mine JS  
B 116259B 116259 True Legend
Grade Lvl: IJS Author: Lupica, Mike
Length: 292 Copyright: 2012

Fifteen-year-old Drew "True" Robinson loves being the best point-guard prospect in high school basketball, but learns the consequences of fame through a former player, as well as through the man who expects to be his manager when True reaches the NBA. Teamwork (Sports) Fiction. AR 5.2 RC 5.5 Lexile 850 IL 6-10.
True Legend IJS  
Length: 211 Copyright: 2003

When Jess and Sari, best friends since seventh grade, begin their freshman year of high school and Sari becomes obsessed with a senior boy, Jess wonders if their friendship will survive.
B 105841B 105841 Truth
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Kyi, Tanya
Length: 108 Copyright: 2003

When a prominent local adult is killed at a teen house party, the whole school seems to know who is to blame, but no one will go to the police. AR 4.2. Follett RL 4.7. RC 3.4. Lexile 630. From the series Orca Soundings.
Truth JS  
B 106705B 106705 Ttfn
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Myracle, Lauren
Length: 229 Copyright: 2006

Now high school juniors, Zoe, Maddie, and Angela continue to share "instant messages" with one another as one of them experiments with marijuana, another get her first boyfriend, and the third moves three thousand miles away. Instant messaging. AR 5.5.
Ttfn JS  
B 120837B 120837 Tunnel Vision
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Adrian, Susan
Length: 314 Copyright: 2015

When Jake Lukin, eighteen, reveals his psychic ability, he is forced to become a government asset in order to keep his mother and sister safe, but Rachel, the girl he likes, tries to help him live his own life instead of tunneling through others. Paranormal thriller. Psychic ability -Fiction. Undercover operations- Fiction. AR 3.7 IL 9-12.
Tunnel Vision JS  
B 106858B 106858 Twilight
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Meyer, Stephenie
Length: 498 Copyright: 2005

Seventeen year old Bella leaves Phoenix, to live with her father in Forks, Washington, where she meets an exquisitely handsome boy at school for whom she feels an overwhelming attraction and who she comes to realize is not entirely human. Vampires. First book in the Twilight series. AR 4.9. RC 5.6. Lexile 720.
Twilight JS  
B 109431B 109431 Twisted
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Anderson, Laurie Halse
Length: 250 Copyright: 2007

After finally getting noticed by someone other than school bullies and his ever-angry father, seventeen year old Tyler enjoys his tough new reputation and the attentions of a popular girl, but when life starts to go bad again, he must choose between transforming himself or giving in to his destructive thoughts. Family problems. Coming-of-age story. AR and RC 4.3. Lexile 680. IL 9-12.
Twisted JS  
B 109410B 109410 Two Parties, One Tux
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Goldman, Steven
Length: 307 Copyright: 2008

Complete title: Two Parties, One Tux, And a Very Short Film About the Grapes of Wrath. Mitch, a shy and awkward high school junior, negotiates the difficult social situations he encounters, both with girls and with his best friend David, after David reveals to him that he is gay.
Two Parties, One Tux JS  
B 96266B 96266 Un Paso Al Dia: 180 Daily Brain Teasers/Hispanic
Grade Lvl: JST Author: Wilson, Cathy
Length: 91 Copyright: 1997

Subtitle: 180 Daily Brain Teasers About Hispanic Cultures. Presents questions about the history, culture, and geography of the Spanish-speaking world, such as what day begins the week on Spanish calendars and what island was ceded by Spain to the U.S. in 1898, providing answers at the back of the book.
Un Paso Al Dia: 180 Daily Brain Teasers/Hispanic JST  
B 122116B 122116 Underwater
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Reichardt, Marisa
Length: 282 Copyright: 2016

Ever since the mass shooting at her California high school, junior Morgan Grant has become increasingly agoraphobic until even the idea of stepping outside her door can bring on a panic attack, a situation not made any easier by the fact that her parents are divorced--but when Evan moves in next door she finds herself attracted to him and begins to find herself longing for the life she has been missing. Massacre survivors- Fiction. Panic attacks- Fiction. School shootings- Fiction. Iowa High School Award, 2019-2020.
Underwater JS  
B 109620B 109620 Vampire High
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Rees, Douglas
Length: 226 Copyright: 2005

When his family moves from California to New Sodom, Massachusetts, and Cody enters Vlad Dracul Magnet School, many things seem strange, from the dark-haired, pale-skinned, supernaturally strong students to Charon, the wolf who guides him around campus on the first day. AR 4.0. Follett RL 5.2. RC 4.5. Lexile 620.
Vampire High JS  
B 118857B 118857 Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Hattemer, Kate
Length: 323 Copyright: 2014

When a sleazy reality television show takes over Ethan's arts academy, he and his friends concoct an artsy plan to take it down. Reality television programs Fiction. AR 4.8 RC 4.3 Lexile 590 IL 7-11.
Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy JS  
B 124008B 124008 Votes of Confidence: A Young Person's Guide to American Elections
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Fleischer, Jeff
Length: 224 Copyright: 2016

A guide for young readers to the past, present and future of American elections and the electoral process. Elections and voting. American government. Nonfiction for YA. IL 8-12. AR 9.2. RC 12.9. Lexile 1350.
Votes of Confidence: A Young Person's Guide to American Elections JS  
B 123391B 123391 Washington, D.C. (Hoop City)
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Moussavi, Sam
Length: 200 Copyright: 2016

When "Hoop City" High head coach Tony Wilson gets cancer, Julius Dunbar, an unknown coaching circles, is chosen by the athletic director to take over the team. At first the players balk at the new hire and his "ball sharing" offense, claiming that he doesn't have what it takes to be a head coach. Coach Dunbar battles his own past while trying to convince the team to play together. Can coach Dunbar seek out redemption and write a new chapter in the school's rich history? Hoop City Series. Realistic fiction. IL 8-12. Lexile 580.
Washington, D.C. (Hoop City) JS  
B 113919B 113919 Water Street
Grade Lvl: IJ Author: Giff, Patricia Reilly
Length: 164 Copyright: 2008

In the shadow of the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge, eighth- graders and new neighbors Bird Mallon and Thomas Neary make some decisions about what they want to do with their lives. Continues theIrish American immigration story begun in Nory Ryan's Song (101476) & Maggie's Door (104994). AR 4.8. RC 4.5. Lexile 740. IL 5-8.
Water Street IJ  
B 112833B 112833 What Happened to Goodbye
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Dessen, Sarah
Length: 402 Copyright: 2011

Following her parents' bitter divorce as she and her father move from town to town, seventeen-year-old Mclean reinvents herself at each school she attends until she is no longer sure she knows who she is or where she belongs. Identity. AR 4.8. RC 5.6. Lexile 760. IL 7-12.
What Happened to Goodbye JS  
B 122117B 122117 What You Always Wanted
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Rae, Kristin
Length: 312 Copyright: 2016

Maddie's dream guy has to live up to the grace and romance of classic Hollywood heartthrobs, especially the song-and-dance man Gene Kelly, so does Jesse Morales, her charming new neighbor and star pitcher of the high school baseball team, have a chance? But a guy so into sports is definitely not her style. Romance. From the series If Only.
What You Always Wanted JS  
B 108865B 108865 Who Will Tell My Brother?
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Carvell, Marlene
Length: 150 Copyright: 2002

During his lonely crusade to remove offensive mascots from his high school, a Native American teenager learns more about his heritage, his ancestors, and his place in the world. Story is told using free-verse poems. Mohawk Indians. Indians of North America New York (State). Mixed-race. Tolerance. Toleration. Identity. AR 6.6. Follett RL 5.7. RC 6.1. Lexile NP.
Who Will Tell My Brother? JS  
B 109265B 109265 Wild Thing
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Poulsen, David
Length: 96 Copyright: 2007

W.T. Zahara's long hair and sandals make him an outsider at Lawrence High, a school known for its sports programs, but when trouble arrives in the schoolyard and on the football field, the other students learn they may have judged W.T. too soon. From the series Lawrence High Yearbook.
Wild Thing JS  
B 116826B 116826 Will & Whit
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Gulledge, Laura Lee
Length: 192 Copyright: 2013

Will, a creative soul struggling to come to terms with a family tragedy, crafts whimsical lamps, in part to deal with her fear of the dark, which she is forced to confront when a hurricane blows through her town at the end of a summer. Teenage girls Fiction. Graphic novel. Coming-of-age story. IL 7-12.
Will & Whit JS  
B 116306B 116306 Winger
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Smith, Andrew
Length: 439 Copyright: 2013

Two years younger than his classmates at a prestigious boarding school, fourteen-year-old Ryan Dean West grapples with living in the dorm for troublemakers, falling for his female best friend who thinks of him as just a kid, and playing wing on the Varsity rugby team with some of his frightening new dorm-mates. Boarding schools Fiction. Coming-of-age novel. Note: includes profanity. RC 5.7 Lexile 890 IL 9-12.
Winger JS  
KM 922KM 922 Women in the American Revolution-Jackdaw (BB)
Grade Lvl: JS Author:
Length: 0 Copyright: 1975

This Jackdaw illustrates the often forgotten breadth of activity of the American woman during the war for independence, and moves her from the margins of the historical pages to the center. Your students will gain a new appreciation of the role women played as spies, soldiers, and even prisoners of war. Hands-on letters, plays, poems and personal journals provide firsthand accounts to stimulate thinking. The Broadsheets lead to a discussion of women’s rights. Historian: Carol Berkin. Please see professional book: B 96732 for ideas to support teaching and learning with Jackdaw primary sources. IL 8-12. The contents of this Jackdaw feature: Broadsheets Women in Politics and Propaganda The Home Front War Civilian Heroines and Army Wives Loyalist Women in Exile Why No Women’s Rights after the Revolution? Historical Documents An installment of Mercy Warren’s play, “The Defeat,” from the Boston Gazette, 19 July 1773. “Ode to George Washington,” a poem by Phillis Wheatley, April 1776 Pennsylvania Magazine. “Advertisement for Spinners,” Pennsylvania Packet, 1775. “A New Touch on the Times Well Adapted to the Distressing Situation of Every Sea-Port Town,” a broadside, 1779. “A letter from a lady in Philadelphia to her friend in this place” from the Boston Independent Chronicle, 27 July 1780. An excerpt from the Marquis of Chastellux’s Voyages, Paris 1786. General orders of George Washington, 4 August 1777. A letter from Hannah Winthrop to Mercy Warren, 11 November 1777. “Pension for Margaret Corbin” from the Journal of the Continental Congress, 6 July 1779, and a transcript. A letter from Esther Sewall to her sister-in-law Katy Quincy, 1778. Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities
Women in the American Revolution-Jackdaw (BB) JS  
B 121817B 121817 Worst Night Ever
Grade Lvl: IJ Author: Barry, Dave
Length: 250 Copyright: 2016

Wyatt Palmer is just another undersized freshman hoping to fit in at high school, but when his best friend Matt Diaz's pet ferret ends up in the hands of the Bevins, the most popular boys at Coral Cove High, Wyatt and Matt try to get the animal back by attending a party for the cool clique and stumble onto the Bevin family's dark secret. AR 4.4 RC 3.7 Lexile 650 IL 5-8.
Worst Night Ever IJ  
B 124459B 124459 Yaqui Delgado quiere darte una paliza
Grade Lvl: S Author: Medina, Meg
Length: 294 Copyright: 2016

Text in Spanish. Translation of: Yaqui Delgado is your nemesis. Piddy Sanchez deals with bullying at her new school, and as the harassment escalates, she struggles to survive and to discover who she really is. Spanish language. Hispanic American. School stories. Realistic fiction. IL 10-12. AR 4.2.
Yaqui Delgado quiere darte una paliza S  
B 117061B 117061 You
Grade Lvl: JS Author: Benoit, Charles
Length: 223 Copyright: 2010

Fifteen-year-old Kyle discovers the shattering ramifications of the decisions he makes, and does not make, about school, the girl he likes, and his future. Choices; Right/wrong. Consequences of both action and inaction. Choice Fiction. AR 5.4 RC 6.3 Lexile 910 IL 8-12.
You JS  
B 109012B 109012 Zombie Blondes
Grade Lvl: JS Author: James, Brian
Length: 232 Copyright: 2008

Each time fifteen year old Hannah and her out-of-work father move she has some fears about making friends, but a classmate warns her that Maplecrest, Vermont's cheerleaders really are monsters. Popularity. Cliques. Zombies. Outcasts. Social conformity. Thriller.
Zombie Blondes JS