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B 97035B 97035 Comic Strip Conversations
Grade Lvl: T Author: Gray, Carol
Length: 39 Copyright: 1994

Carol Gray combines stick-figures with "conversation symbols" to illustrate what people say and think during conversations. Showing what people are thinking reinforces that others have independent thoughts―a concept that spectrum children don't intuitively understand. Children can also recognize that, although people say one thing, they may think something quite different―another concept foreign to "concrete-thinking" children. Children can draw their own "comic strips" to show what they are thinking and feeling about events or people. Different colors can represent different states of mind. These deceptively simple comic strips can reveal as well as convey quite a lot of substantive information. The author delves into topics such as: What is a Comic Strip Conversation? The Comic Strip Symbols Dictionary Drawing “small talk" Drawing about a given situation Drawing about an upcoming situation Feelings and COLOR
Comic Strip Conversations T  
B 94554B 94554 My Social Stories Book
Grade Lvl: T Author: Gray, Carol
Length: 141 Copyright: 2002

Contains a collection of brief, narrative, step-by-step stories that help children with autism learn important social skills, describing situation, skill, or concept in terms of social clues, perspectives,and common responses.
My Social Stories Book T  
KM 11165KM 11165 New Social Story Book (Revised and Expanded)
Grade Lvl: T Author: Gray, Carol
Length: 265 Copyright: 2010

Contains a revised and expanded 10th Anniversary Edition of The New Social Story Book by Carol Gray. The book contains 158 Social Stories to help children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Also contains a CD containing each Social Story in ready-to-print PDFs and Word files which can be edited. The Stories are divided into chapters according to subject matter such as change, mistakes, me and my feelings, celebrations and gifts, bullying, home and community, school, planet earth. Some of the stories are designed to be used in groups, in sequence. The beginning section entitled, "Social Story 10.1 Tutorials" is an introductory guide to writing Social Stories using the ten criteria that distinguish Social Stories from other visual strategies. Social Stories are intended to share accurate information using a process, format, voice, and content that is descriptive, meaningful, and safe for the audience (person with an ASD). Contents: book and CD-ROM. Two-week loan period.
New Social Story Book (Revised and Expanded) T  
KM 12238KM 12238 No Fishing Allowed
Grade Lvl: T Author: Gray, Carol / Williams, Judy
Length: 0 Copyright: 2006

Kit contains the Teacher Manual and the Student Workbook for the No Fishing Allowed Reel In Bullying prevention program. This peer violence prevention program addresses various elements of bullying behavior. Emphasizes empowerment strategies for all students who are affected by bully/target relationships. Manual provides teachers with information, ideas and activities to address bullying attempts and other unfriendly social interactions in a classroom setting. The Student Workbook is designed to be used with an assembly. Text is color-coded-- some to be read before the assembly and other after the presentation.
No Fishing Allowed T  
KM 12519KM 12519 Storymovies: Social Concepts and Skills at School, Volume 1
Grade Lvl: T Author: Gray, Carol / Shelley, Mark
Length: 0 Copyright: 2008

Storymovies are Social Stories illustrated with movies to merge accurate social information with live contexts. Training program is designed for children 8-12 years old with Asperger's syndrome or high-functioning autism. DVD includes 25 video vignettes illustrating social skills and concepts at school, like making mistakes and asking questions. The kit has the Professional Edition which includes an additional DVD and CD that include a black & white version of each movie (with & without freeze frames), the color versions minus the freeze frames, instructional ideas, and still frames from each Storymovie. The CD has printable photos, plus games and activities overview. Kit also includes the Guide to Storymovies Booklet.
Storymovies: Social Concepts and Skills at School, Volume 1 T