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These signups are for the 2021-2022 school year. Alpha listing of journals

Click on a link below that contains the magazine type you are interested in. You may need to check more than one category for a title. For example, Science Scope(5-9) is listed in the Elementary & Middle School category, not in the Science and Math. Each magazine title is listed only once. If you sign up for magazines that include digital access or are digital only, you will receive a one-time email with login instructions. If signing up for additional digital magazines midyear please email Virginia Saeugling at for login Credentials

NOTE: These are circulating subscriptions, please be mindful of due dates. Thank you.

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In addition to the printed        
issues of journals which are American Music Teacher   (copyright newsletter) Please sign up as usual for
purchased and routed,   Go to: AEA Digital Library. access to these magazines
Keystone AEA has purchased Booklist   Search for: AIME to receive an email with
Gale databases. These online Computers in Libraries     login instructions.
databases contain thousands Curriculum Review      
of journals & magazines Discover     Links for all online
(currently there are more than Education Week     journals are in the
6000 full text titles including Journal of Teacher Education   Alpha Listing of Journals.
leisure reading magazines for     Click on the
students and teachers). Titles in Principal Leadership   individual titles,
Red in each category are also     then follow the login
in Gale online. Titles in Green are School Administrator   instructions sent to
in Gale ONLY. School Library Journal   you by email.
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  Teacher Librarian      
  Teaching Music      

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